Saucony has been a longtime favorite for many runners both on the trails and on the road. The company recently released two new shoes the KOA ST and KOA TR. Saucony's new shoes are not specifically designed for obstacle racing or mud runs. However, when a national brand creates a rugged shoe, it is definitely something to try. The KOA ST is the most rugged shoe we have seen from Saucony.

Mud Run Guide was sent both the Saucony KOA ST and KOA TR for review recently. Brett Stewart and I shared our reactions in this article. However, when it comes to shoes sometimes the best is seeing it in action. Below is a tech overview of the shoe and a some of the product testing we put it through.

As stated in the video, the shoe is available now at major retailers. For the right athlete, this could be a nice littler obstacle racing shoe. Watch the review for all our thoughts.

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