Rugged Maniac announced yesterday a change in their refund policy. The new policy allows participants to receive refunds for any reason if they are unable to attend an event they are registered. The email sent to past Rugged Maniac participants was applauded by many participants in the industry. This is an industry first for a large race organization of offer refunds with a no questions asked policy. Rugged Maniac is already one of the best values in obstacle course racing and yesterday it got even better.

The new refund policy applies only to tickets purchased through on 6/28/17 or later.  It does not apply to Groupon or other third-party deals.  Refund requests must be submitted before the day of the event.

Hey Margaret,

I'm giving you and everyone else who signs up for Rugged Maniac from this point forward a full refund if you can't make it to the event – for any reason whatsoever. 

Wait.  Really?  

One of the biggest issues with buying a ticket in advance is that you might not be able to go when the date rolls around because you're sick, or you have to work, or you sprained your ankle… life happens and plans change. We get it – even if 99% of other companies don't (I'm looking at you: airlines, TicketMaster, and all other obstacle races).

So starting today we're changing the rules.*  Go ahead and lock in that super-low early bird price a year in advance.  If you buy a ticket and can't make it, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked!  


Rob Dickens
Rugged Maniac

Reactions from the community were consistently positive as the email below was sent. Many called it a “game changer” and others said, “this changes everything.” Overall the community is happy about this new policy change. However, not all see this as a win. For many in the industry, especially the small local companies, the margins are razor thin for an event. This new policy could have a ripple effect in the industry and small companies might be pressured to adopt the same policy which could drastically hurt their business.

Rugged Maniac's policy changes a bold move in a young industry could mark the beginning of a change. Many voiced a hope that other large race organizations adopt such a practice. It is impossible to tell how other organizations will react but for now many are taking a serious look at Rugged Maniac for a future event.

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