After a few mud runs or obstacle races, it's easy to catch the bug and dive into the OCR lifestyle. Below is a list of ways to improve your experience in the world of OCR. Pick and choose what works best for you and implement those into your life and racing.


1. No Cotton. The first rule of OCR is to stay away from cotton. Learn what to wear to obstacle races, mud runs and more.


2. Get Some Good Shoes. Forget about wearing the oldest shoes in your closet to your first race, find a good pair of shoes that will take you to the finish line.


3. Train. While most can get off the couch and complete an event, training is extremely important.


4. Learn to Swim. Races have water.


5. Learn the Burpee. It's basically the exercise of the sport.


6. Trail Running. Events are run on non-traditional surfaces and learning to run on trails is a must.


7. Ask Other Athlete for Tips and Experiences. Before signing up for an event ask someone who has done it about the event.


8. Lift Weights. Obstacle Racing requires strength, get in the gym and learn to lift heavy weights. Look into cross training and high-intensity training.


9. Don't Skip Track Days. Track Workouts are extremely important in building speed and endurance. Don't skip the track days.


10. Train With Others. It's just better that way.


11. Join a Community Group. Whether it be online or locally, find an OCR group in your area or create your own. Because it's better to learn from those around you.12. Don't Skip Obstacles. It's simple, just don't do it.


13. Do the Penalty. If you fail the obstacle do the prescribed penalty.


14. Take Events Seriously. If its a race then race. It will make you better.


15. Don't Take Events Too Seriously. At the end of the day, it's still about fun and sport should be improving your life. Unless you want to race then do number 14.


16. Help Others. At some point, you will need help too.


17. Warm-up every day before workouts. A good warm up will keep you healthy and happy.


18. Thank Volunteers. They help really make races happen.


19. Volunteer. The best way to grow the community is to give back to it.


20. Recovery. Have a post-race plan to recover.

21. Practice Obstacles. For a few bucks, you can get a bucket or make a sandbag.


22. Learn to Throw a Spear. It's a Spartan Race thing but also a cool party trick.


23. Don't Limit Your Training. Don't limit training to the gym. Go out into nature and see what you can climb, crawl and jump over.


24. Ask Questions. Before signing up for a new event ask those around you about a particular race or Google it.


25. Meditation. Take 5 minutes a day for yourself it is just a good life practice.


26. Get Your Family Involved. OCR is for all ages and more fun when the whole family is participating.


27. Drink More Water. Simple, easy, and will help you in so many ways.


28. Learn to Climb a Rope. 


29. Learn to Scale a Wall. Find a park, parking garage or build your own but learn how to get over a wall.


30. If There is an Exercise Your Arent Good at Incorporate it into Your Workouts. Before your main workout and after your warm-up work on those weaknesses until they are second nature.


31. Do Your Homework. Before signing up for a race make sure its what you are looking for.


32. Lifestyle and Nutrition.Work on both to help you improve on the course.


33. Smile. Remember to smile and laugh during the hard times


34. REST. Take rest days, and weekends without racing.


35. Balance. Remember to keep a balance in your life between racing, training, and the outside world.

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