This afternoon Mud Run Guide got to chat with Gladiator Rock ‘N Run co-founder and American Gladiator's Dan “Nitro” Clark to talk about his second book, F*CK DYING. A humorous and deeply personal chronical of Clark's experience with his health and a life-changing illness in 2013. Our exclusive interview dives into the book and Clark's life today and motivation to write the book.

Clark has launched a Kickstarter to publish his second book and in addition to helping support the project, he has a special offer for backers for the next 24-hours. Find out more about his Kickstarter below.

F*CK DYING Kickstarter Link

Here is a preview of the upcoming book:

I want to die.
I never thought I’d say those words.
I’ve always thought of myself as a positive, “glass half full” type of guy. I had what most people would consider a good life. I was fit, healthy, had a big house, drove a German car.
Then on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 my world changed: I had a heart attack.
In an instant, I went from a world where everything seemed possible to a world where I knew nothing was for certain.
As a life-long athlete, former professional football player, and American Gladiator, I’d always put a tremendous value on health, fitness, and what I could do with my body. The heart attack wasn’t only a derailment of my life—it shattered the entire definition of who I was.
I was weak. Fragile. Broken.
I believed life would never be good for me again, and I thought if I couldn’t live life on my terms, then there wasn’t any point in going on. The day after the heart attack, lying in my hospital bed, miserable out of my mind, I uttered those four words.
I want to die.
During the course of our lives, many of us will have something tragic happen suddenly. It could be a cancer diagnosis, a sick child, a divorce, a business deal gone badly, or something as heartbreaking as a dream that goes unfulfilled. It’s difficult to find strength in the face of adversity.
Yet, we’ve all hit hard times, we’ve all struggled, we’ve all fallen down. The question is: What do we do when these things happen?


For 24 Hours (5pm PT Friday 7/28 to 5pm Saturday 7/29) Support the kickstarter for F*CK DYING here for any level over $39 and get 1 free entry to Gladiator Rose Bowl or Nor Cal to for next 24 hours.

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