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OCR News Weekly – August 11, 2017

Welcome to OCR News Weekly. Today is Friday, August 11, 2017. I am Margaret Schlachter and thanks for joining the live broadcast or for those listening on their favorite player our recast. This week's headlines come from Spartan Race, Muddy Mortal, World’s Toughest Mudder Community, and of course your results from last weekend.

Spartan Race

Spartan Race kicked off Spartan Strong, a new group fitness class and concept at partner Life Time Athletic this week in New York City. Spartan Race pro’s Amelia Boone, Cassidy Watton, Kevin Donaghue were on hand to participate and guide athletes through obstacles on the rooftop pool area of Life Time Athletic at SKY. Mud Run Guide talked to Jason Jaksetic, Spartan Race Lifestyle Brand manager and Joe De Sena, Spartan Race CEO about the new offering.

For the full interview head to MudRunGuide.com and learn more about how this builds on the current offerings.


Muddy Mortal

Our Next Story this week comes from Muddy Mortal. From the beginning, Muddy Mortal ran into troubles first with Warner Brothers and the use of Harry Potter characters and likenesses then venue problems and more. Obstacle Racing Media did a full investigative piece on the company this week and shortly after the article Muddy Mortal issued a statement:

Muddy Mortal serves as another reminder for buyer to beware when looking at events. When in doubt, call or email the company and be sure to look into whether they have a venue secure before purchasing for a new event.

World's Toughest Mudder

Our third story this week comes from the World’s Toughest Mudder community. As we reported on the July 28 episode the World’s Toughest Mudder community continues to come together in support of one of their own. Ian Panter who was severly injured in a car accident earlier this year on the way to a Toughest Mudder event continues to be in the minds of the OCR community.

Melissa “Sharkbait” Dugan and others recently hosted a charity action for Panter to help in recovery costs. Through the action over $5,000 dollars was raised for Panter. Dugan announced during the drawing on August 6. Panter continues on his road to recovery.


Spartan Race Utah

Last weekend two Spartan Race athletes went above and beyond on course. As the Deseret News reported this week. Jeffery and Traci Andreason said it was the “right thing to do” when they quit their race Saturday and helped to rescue an off-road vehicle driver who had rolled down a hillside.

The husband and wife were 2 miles into the Spartan Race course near Nordic Valley Ski Resort when they heard what sounded like a crash.

“Someone was like, ‘Someone’s just rolled off!’” Traci Andreason recalled to the Deseret News on Tuesday.

Suddenly, the race didn’t seem to matter to the couple.

“At that point, things changed and our goals changed, I guess,” she said.

The couple stopped racing and “slid” down the hill to find the driver still inside the wrecked utility task vehicle.

“(It was) like a controlled fall all the way down,” Jeffery Andreason explained.

Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Toll said the 68-year-old man from Ohio, who had been serving as a volunteer during the race, had somehow rolled his side-by-side vehicle at least 200 feet down the steep slope.

Traci Andreason said she believed the man was a medic, because his off-road vehicle contained medical supplies.

“Jeff and I both took gauze and held pressure to the areas that were bleeding,” recalled Traci Andreason, who works as a registered nurse. “Then I made a pressure dressing to contain all of that bleeding from his head.”

The couple watched the man closely until emergency crews arrived and the man was hoisted away by a medical helicopter.

OCR World Championships

Out last story comes from OCR World Championships. This week Mud Run Guide caught up with OCR World Championship founder Adrian Bijanada in New York City. Bijanada updated us on participation for this year’s event. Currently this year’s championships is looking to be a record event with 56 nations currently represented as well as many of the Age Group categories full or near capacity.


Tough Mudder

The last piece of race news comes from Tough Mudder. This morning Tough Mudder participants received an email in their inbox cementing news that Will Dean, CEO of Tough Mudder has talked about with Mud Run Guide early this season, World’s Toughest Mudder will be leaving Las Vegas as the 2017 championship. While the new venue has yet to be announced it is official that after 2017 Tough Mudder will be Leaving Las Vegas. Participants have one last chance to conquer the cliff. Speculations of a new venue are already making the rounds online. Let us know where you think the 24-hour endurance obstacle race should move to.



We start the results with Spartan Race this weekend. In Utah Amelia Boone picked up a win. In Massachusetts Junyong Pak podiumed making him the only person in North American OCR to podium every year at an obstacle since 2010.


Utah Full Results


In Massachusetts:


At Rugged Maniac it was:


Finally, at Conquer the Gauntlet:


Looking ahead to this weekend.

Rugged Maniac is in Colorado, Warrior Dash is in Illinois, Tough Mudder is in Tennessee, FIT Challenge is in CT, and EPIC Series is in California.

To the North:

Mud Hero is in Alberta, the Urban Jungle heads to Toronto, Spartan Race is in Calgary, and 5K Foam Fest is in Ontario, Canada.

Across the pond:

The Mudnificent Seven is taking place in Warwickshire and Toughest is in Milton Keyes both in the United Kingdom

In Asia Mad Warrior Sundown Super Sprint takes place in Malaysia.

Finally, Trench Challenge is taking place in Yigo, Guam this weekend.

For the Full list of races this weekend and how you can save on them check out the race calendar on MudRunGuide.com That’s all for this week in OCR and OCR News Weekly powered by Mud Run Guide. Join us next week for all the news and results from around the industry. If you missed the live broadcast you can find this episode on all your favorite podcast players and on YouTube.

This is Margaret Schlachter signing off for this week. Best of luck to all those racing and have a fun and muddy weekend!


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