With it being the Spartan Race World Championships week we had to share for this Training Tuesday the spear throw. The spear throw is one of the few obstacles in the Spartan Race lineup that really requires a lot of skill and sometimes a little patience. Whether you are an elite athlete or it's your first race the spear throw can be a menace for many.

Rob Barger of Spartan Race leads us through some tips to making the spear throw successfully in this Training Tuesday video.

Spartan Race Spear Throw Tutorial

A few additional tips from our team at Mud Run Guide:

Choose Your Spear Wisely.

Before rushing to the closest open spear take a moment and pick a level spot with the gate directly across from the strawman. Sometimes the obstacle can be on a ski slope or other slant and you will want to find the flattest spot to throw from.

Take a Minute. 

You might not need a full minute, but before you throw the spear balance it in your hand, find the equilibrium. Take a loose grip, deep breath, focus your mind on the target, then let it go.

Finally, you don't need to use extreme power to make the spear stick in the strawman. As long as your throw is straight and target the spear will stick. Do not try to put extra muscle in it, the spear may actually bounce back out at you. If you want to train at home, you can pick up your own spear kit here from out gear discount page.


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