Halloween is just around the corner and you’re probably panicking about not having a costume.  Don’t worry though, because Mud Run Guide has you covered.  Luckily for you, all the answers you are looking for right here.  Here are seven Halloween costumes for the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) obsessed:

  1. Coach T. Mud: If you are a Tough Mudder fan, this should have already been at the front of your list for costumes.  Pick up a pair of really short tan shorts, grab a couple of Leggionaire headbands for your upper thigh, plus some Tough Mudder swag like a t-shirt, knee-high socks and a hat.  Spoiler alert on the shorts, they are the most uncomfortable shorts in the world.  If you’re a male looking to make this costume risqué, don’t wear underwear, it’s almost guaranteed someone will get more than they want to see.  Bonus points if you can grow your mustache instead of having to draw or purchase a fake one.  Round this out with a pair of your favorite Merrell shoes and you have a winning costume.
  1. I am Spartan: The movie 300 is about a decade old, but you can still dress like a Spartan thanks to one of the biggest OCR brands.  If you have stuck to your New Year’s diet all year then you should look like a Greek God by now with a nice six-pack.  If like every resolutioner, you fell off the wagon around February, and you can use this as an opportunity to be a satirical Spartan and show off that keg you are carrying around.  Clothing list is easy, short shorts, sandals and a red cape (you can buy at a Halloween store or just buy a red piece of fabric).  Bonus points if you use a Spartan spear from the race instead of a toy one from a Halloween store. #Aroo

CTG Pro Brenna “Red Beast Clavert rocking Icebugs, Mudgear, Marena Sport, Legendborne jersey and a dryrobe.

  1. The OCR Brand Obsessed: There are certain brands that are becoming synonymous with OCR.  If you are truly hardcore, you just need to open your closet.  Starting at the feet and working our way up, put on your Mudgear socks (bonus points if they are the Conquer The Gauntlet ones), lace up your Icebugs, put on a pair of Marena Sport shorts, throw on a Legendborne top, add in a Hylete headband and top it off with your dryrobe.  If I just described how you dress every weekend….maybe choose a different costume.

Rose Wetzel in Wonder Woman attire.

  1. Your Favorite OCR Athlete: Lots of options here.  First figure out who your favorite OCR athlete is, then dress like them as your costume.  You get bonus points for subtle references that other OCR athletes will pick up.  Maybe you want to go with Hobie Call, shirtless, shaved head and in shorts carrying around as many blocks of wood (aka Spartan trophies) as you can carry.  Maybe you are a Rose Wetzel fan and you want to dress like OCR Wonder Woman.  Bonus points if you go as pregnant OCR Wonder Woman or use it as a couples costume with your husband/boyfriend carrying around all your race gear as Tim “Race Sherpa” Sinnet.   Maybe you want to dress like Ryan Atkins and carry around bags of money from Tough Mudder since he seems to be draining their bank account or if you are feeling retro, a pixelated BattleFrog shirt.  Bonus points if you use it as a couples costume with your significant other dressed as Lindsay Webster and if you have a dog that looks like Suunto.  Hunter Mcintyre more your style?  Draw on a sheriff badge, a Macho Man tattoo and carry around stacks of fake $10,000 labeled Broken Skull Ranch.  Maybe you’re an American Ninja Warrior and Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Amy “Magic” Pajcic fan, buy one of her spiffy hats, throw on some OCR Gear, Icebugs and start inappropriately climbing on things.  Our own Margaret Schlachter is always an option, just throw on some Mud Run Guide apparel or a flannel and run around all night taking video of your friends with your phone on a gimbal for smooth footage.  If you end up going to back to back parties which resulted in you staying up for 24 hours, are still dirty and just signed up for another Ultra-OCR, you can just say that you are me.  Bonus points if you then try to sell them a copy of my book 😉

Amy “Magic” Pajcic breaking the rules in her spiffy hat.

  1. The “I refuse to let go of dead race brands” OCR Athlete: So you’ve been around racing since 2011 and can’t let go of the past.   Put on your BattleFrog wristband, your Atlas Race shirt and some Superhero Scramble merchandise then head to the party.  Add some crumpled tissues and walk around feeling sad, talking about the good old days and drinking your sorrows away with some FITAID.

Ashley Samples, Dustin Radney and Jason Williams five stages of BattleFrog denial.

  1. The World’s Toughest Mudder Competitor: World’s Toughest Mudder is right around the corner so time to squeeze in some last minute training.  Put on your wetsuit, last year’s bib, a Camelbak, and your black headband then head out on the town.  Your Camelbak provides you with hands-free drinking.  Spoiler alert, you’ll spend most of the night complaining about how it is too hot in a wetsuit without water.  Bonus points if you pee in your wetsuit all night.  #Hardcore #ItsAllBeenTraining #ItsNotPeeIspilledMyDrink #SeriouslyItsNotPee

Even if you black out at a party, you can just say you are Melissa “Sharkbait” Dugan at WTM.

  1. “I’m here for my first Rugged Tough Spartan Gauntlet” costume: You remember when you had no idea what you were doing for OCR.  Have a good laugh at yourself with this costume.  Put on an old pair of running shoes with no tread, wrap you shoelaces in duct tape, wear some nice white cotton socks, cotton shorts, and a cotton t-shirt.  Roll around in the mud and stretch out that shirt nice and good so it’s awkward and baggy.  Add some fake bruises and constantly tell people “What the hell did I just sign up for?”  Then when you leave the party go sign up for another race.

I’m still on the fence about what I’m going to be, but OCR seems to be preparing me for medieval combat based off some of the trophies I’ve won over the last couple of years…so that’s always an option for myself.

Author Evan Perperis in Warrior Dash Kilt, Conquer The Gauntlet Gauntlet, Dirt Runner Sword, 2xBFX Tridents and a Warrior Dash Helmet fighting a Ragnar Relay Baton.

While all of these give you options for costumes, the important part is it is a conversation starter.  So, if no one gets the joke/reference, that’s okay because now when you go to a party/bar someone will ask “What are you supposed to be?”  This is it…your golden opportunity…what you have been waiting for all night.  You answer the question and use it as a seamless transition into talking about your most recent race.  This gives you carte blanche to share all those details of your races that only us, the OCR World, really want to hear about.  #winning #allOCRallTheTime #YouShouldntHaveAsked

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