Terrain Racing is a family friendly competitive race. Great atmosphere to have fun, get a good workout & earn a beautiful Monkey Finisher Medal. First time OCR participants will love this event. The event is well organized filled with 25 fun obstacles. Terrain Race offer budget-friendly OCR option whether you decide to participate in a 5k or 10k. There’s also a Mini Monkeys course for kids. Ropes, Hammers, Tires, Mud & Monkey Bars. Conquer your terrain!


The Terrain & Weather

The trail had minimal uphills and downhills. Obstacles are well spread throughout the race. Quite honestly you can survive this race without running much. There were two mud pits to look out for. Slimy gushy mud! Spa date anyone? The weather was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better day to race. It was sunny with a few clouds. Temperature was warm in the mid 70s. Sunny SoCal at its finest in California. Here’s a tip, there are two race photographers I counted along the race. Keep a lookout & be ready to give your best pose. First will be at the mud pits & the last will be at the finish line. Your welcome.

What sets Terrain Racing Apart?

Monkey Medals! Every participant will receive this beautiful medal after completing the race. The atmosphere was perfect for friends & family. Even kids ages 2-13 can enter. With parental supervision of course. Everyone I came across had nothing but positive feedback. Great vibes all around. If this is your first time doing a Mud Run, it’s perfect. You won’t regret entering this race. Compared to other elite races this is not as challenging.


My Top 5 Favorite Obstacles:


Monkey Bars: The signature obstacle in the race. You will have to climb up monkey bars over a ice cold pool of water. As if you don’t have enough motivation already. Don’t fall!

Cargo Nets: Not as easy as you think. Balance & precision is key! I felt like a fish trying to escape the fate of being captured in the ocean. Would you like to be Seafood? I think not. Approach with caution & make each move count.

Tarzan Swing: Rope swinging! If you’ve ever watched the movie Planet of The Apes, now here’s your chance to train for the movie. Casting calls for extras? You never know.

Truck Tire Flips: Strongman challenge! Whether if you’re a DC or Marvel fan. You will surely feel like a superhero in this obstacle. The weight of the truck tires were about 40-65 lbs max. Nothing too crazy but you will surely feel like you have superhuman strength flipping these bad boys around.

Thors Hammer: Wanna relieve some stress? Now here is your chance. You will use a sledgehammer to triumphantly pound a tire off the ground 8 times. Boom! Four forward & four backwards back to where you started. Have fun but be aware of Terrain Racers around you!

Event Festival: 

Location is set at a campsite near Irvine Lake. Definitely a hidden gem of Orange County! Nice selection of apparel & gifts at the souvenir booth. Free samples? Not much. Wish there were more sponsors. Would like to see Terrain partner up with sports drinks companies like Body Armor or Vitamin Water in the future. Protein Bars? Superfruit Juice Bar? Beer/ Wine garden? Banana pudding eating contest? Just to throw a few ideas out there. For food there were 3 Food Trucks. Pretty nice selection. To rinse off your Muddy clothes there was the Foam Bath Experience. Bubble Party? Wild cowboys dancing? What in the world? You enter a chamber where they hose you off with water & shower foam. You won’t get totally cleaned off the first time, so my advice is go again! A water hose station would be my preference though. Why? Cleans you off real good, feeling refreshed & rejuvenated in an instant.  


Had a great time. Even seeing small kids get their very own finisher Monkey Medal is inspiring. To know that even at any age you can conquer anything. In my last 5k Mud Run, I met a lady at the age of 62. She wore a Notre Dame University T-Shirt. I asked her what made her decide on doing the race. She said pride. With a smile on her face. Nothing challenges her more than knowing that she can keep up with her grandkids. Powerful story. Volunteers were superb & staff were gracious! Would like to thank everyone at Terrain for making such a special event. Even though I know there are slight improvements to be made, Terrain is on the rise! Be sure to keep this race in your bucket list.



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Rating: 3/5


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