Jumping into the new OCR season

Rejoice, OCR enthusiasts, the season is here! We’ve had a long winter, but the first mud has been cleaned off of our collective sneakers after Spartan Race’s SoCal Super and Sprint weekend!

I thought I’d take a little time to set the bar for 2018 race expectations EXTREMELY high, so we can avoid any confusion or hurt feelings throughout the season. Here’s my list of what you should do and expect for the year, plus some extra information on what you should absolutely not do. Please comment and let me know if you have any other suggestions or unwritten rules for our community to follow!



  • Have fun! Whether you’re a competitor gunning for the podium, or an open heat runner just looking to enjoy the course, take in the full experience. Check out the festival, say “hi” to your Instagram friends and get muddy!
  • Run your own race. You’ll have more fun if you only concentrate on yourself and your team.
  • Get to the race early and have your ID and waivers ready so you can properly register and set yourself up for success. No one wants to wait on line then have to go back to their car because they forgot something!
  • Stay hydrated and keep your nutrition on point. You’ll need all of the energy on the course.
  • High-five, hug and show appropriate love to the course volunteers. They’re there to help you and the event run smoothly.
  • Volunteer if you have the time. It’s always exciting to see how the other side lives. You may even get a free race, swag and some treats out of it!
  • Share your accomplishments on social media. We love seeing it and it can be inspirational to others.
  • Encourage your friends to “do something for the first time.”
  • Sign up early to get the best price for a race. Make sure to check out Mud Run Guide’s discount code offerings.


  • Ask about the course map in public forums. It will be released a day or two before the race.
  • Don’t throw your trash on the course. Pack out what you pack in. It’s sad to see lonely energy gel packets lining the course, especially on day two. If you’re feeling bold, pick up some trash if you see it.
  • Complain about people taking an easy way out on an obstacle or not completing their required penalties, especially if you’re running an open heat. If you’re running competitive, there are marshals and video to take care of that.
  • Cheat yourself; try. You’re here for a reason. Yes, everyone may be fighting their own battles, but putting in at least one strong effort into an obstacle that scares you can make a huge difference in your attitude.
  • Get yourself down if you DNF. Safety is a top priority for OCR companies and if they pull you off, or you’re medically disqualified, please understand it’s for the best. Fighting through an injury to be “tough” may sound cool, but being able to run again should be your main concern.

While these expectations are only suggestions, I hope you’ll all consider taking the time to help yourself and your fellow racers have a successful, enjoyable and most importantly, safe OCR season in 2018. I’m very excited to see you all out on the course this year!

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