Conquer the Gauntlet recently created a new series just for kids, Conquer Youth. Mud Run Guide sits down with new father himself and founder David Mainprize to talk about the new series and why it was created.

Conquer Youth™ is proud to announce Young Lions Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course! The first obstacle course event series just for youth! Obstacle course events like American Ninja Warrior and Conquer The Gauntlet are sweeping the nation and have quickly become the fastest growing mass participation sport in the USA. Every weekend tens of thousands of adults take on obstacle courses of all kinds across the country and every week millions of kids tune in as their real-life heroes attempt to become the next ‘American Ninja Warrior™.’

In a bold move, Conquer The Gauntlet has launched the Young Lions Obstacle Course, the first stand-alone obstacle course event series just for youth! The event is open to anyone ages 5-17 and will feature a 3k trail (around a mile or so) with 10 ninja warrior style obstacles throughout the course. Obstacles will be tiered with lanes for the smaller kids and larger, more difficult lanes for the older teens. Parents are welcome to accompany their little ones through the course and assist as needed. All participants will receive a Young Lions™ finisher shirt, glow in the dark medal, and rubber wristband as well as free race photos.

In addition to conquering their favorite obstacles and having the time of their lives, Young Lions will have the opportunity to meet and hang out with their real-life heroes! We’re partnering up with Make-A-Wish™ to bring in Ninja Warriors and famous Professional Obstacle Course Athletes, as well as provide an opportunity for kids with life-threatening illnesses a chance to fulfill their wishes of conquering an obstacle course!

Conquer Youth™ is the next generation in obstacle course racing! Young Lions Obstacle Course™ is an incredible opportunity to get kids out from behind the screens and engage them in a fun, outdoor activities to promote mental and physical toughness and establish the habit of a healthy, active lifestyle at an early age. Our children are our greatest gift and the future depends on the actions we take! We are partnering with JRen Fitness™ of Kansas City to create fun training programs and exercises for both children and adults to prepare to take on their first obstacle course race.

In 2018, Conquer Youth™ will be hosting events throughout the Midwest and will be looking to expand to multiple new cities and host a variety of event types in 2019. See the full 2018 event schedule, get registered, and find more information about the events at


  • 4.21.18   DFW

  • 5.12.18   WICHITA

  • 6.9.18   KANSAS CITY

  • 8.11.18   TULSA

  • 9.29.18   LITTLE ROCK

  • 10.20.18   HOUSTON

  • 10.27.18   OKLAHOMA CITY

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