The March 3rd, 2018 Terrain Race Myrtle Beach had two main elements that no participant could ignore, wind and frigid temperatures. Those two elements joined together made this race even more arduous, especially when encountering any water obstacles. Now, if you haven't participated in a Terrain Race before, well in the competitive wave, it is mandatory that you jump into either one of the three pool's and stay there before you start the race.

Thankfully, just for this race, they eliminated the standing in the pool before the start. But, to still hold true to the Terrain Racing formula, it was mandatory that you jump in the pool and out before you start. Whew!! The freezing cold pool water mixed with the extremely cold temperatures definitely provided the body with a shock that was absolutely unforgettable.

Terrain Race Myrtle Beach Location

When it comes to location, I always get a little nervous when an obstacle course race is held at a race track or speedway for cars. Why? Well, you never know where they are going to go with the course. But, after visiting various race locations, which includes other race companies. Locations such as Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Maryland, Budds Creek Motorcross Park in Mechanicsville, Maryland, and now Myrtle Beach Raceway in South Carolina, all have their special place in my OCR heart. Companies like Terrain Racing have it down to a science and can truly turn a “raceway” into a formidable obstacle race course.

Shoutout, to Terrain Racing Race Director Brian Forman, who along with his team helped construct a challenging course in Myrtle Beach. It is quite clear that every square space allowed was used while at the raceway. Not only was Brian a great person to interview, but I found other individual's such as course marshal's, volunteer's, parking staff in particular to all be extremely friendly. I had some of the best 3- to 5-minute conversations with numerous people working with the Terrain Race at Myrtle Beach Raceway.

Venue Parking

One luxury that stood out to me about this race location was the parking. I have parked at venues and had to walk or catch a bus just to the race festival grounds itself. The excitement of getting to a race is never an issue. Actually, riding a bus takes me back to high school and traveling to play games, instead of high school baseball it is now the pleasures of OCR. But, leaving to walk to your car after doing an obstacle course race can be that last obstacle you dread the most, Obstacle #31 – The Long Walk To the Car. To be fair, I don't know if people really care about parking, I mean we are at an obstacle course race. But, when the parking is a few yards from the entrance of the race, that is an absolute pleasure that no OCR participant should overlook, or expect.

Overall Experience

Overall, I would gladly run this race again. I don't expect Terrain Race to be able to stop the wind or make the weather warmer. It's obstacle course racing in March on the east coast. So, I would expect it to be cold for sure. The Terrain Race is doing a great job of mastering what they do best, and that is keeping things OCR simple, meaning using their resources to produce fun yet challenging races. It's the small details like to see get handled while at an obstacle course race. With that being said, consistency is what I look for and Terrain Racing is really finding their groove with race day execution.


*Captioning included

Video credits: Interviews with Myrtle Beach Terrain Racing 1st Place Overall Male Louis Salutare and Terrain Racing Race Director Brian Forman.

Music Credit: Derek Ross

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Rating: 5/5


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