Picture this. You are new to the sport of OCR and Tough Mudder and are thinking of pushing past your own limits and competing in either a Tougher Mudder or a World's Toughest Mudder event.

Looking online and chatting with friends, you hear all types of different information as to what gear you need, how you should eat, and what training should look like. This can get very confusing, as the information can change from one person to another.

Being a savvy tech person, you decide to do a search for podcasts in hopes to find more answers. In your mind, what better way to absorb the information you need, then to listen to it as you commute to work or head out on a long training run.

Then, you discover the World's Toughest Podcast hosted by Will Hicks and you hit download.

As you hit play on the first episode, you hear the voice of Will Hicks and his tagline for the show (This is the World's Toughest Podcast, Where we talk about any Obstacle Course Race you'd like, as long as it is World's Toughest Mudder”).

This is how I initially found the podcast – doing an iTunes search for OCR podcasts, as I was super curious as to what World’s Toughest Mudder was all about. In 2016, I had multiple friends including Allison Tai competing in this event, and I wanted to learn as much as possible.  I was looking for an honest, easy to follow podcast to learn from those that have succeeded and failed at World’s Toughest Mudder.

I was hooked after 3 episodes and decided to subscribe and download every episode available. There is just something about the way that Will presents the information to his audience that is captivating and informative. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Will and learn more about him.

It's hard to put into words without listening to our initial Skype call, but Will loves and I mean loves Tough Mudder and the community. Going back to the chat we had, I could see his eyes light up on skype every time he mentioned an event or an athlete within the World’s Toughest Mudder community

He recalls his first event fondly and shared with me several stories of his times on the courses with friends and family.


The longer that I was on the call with him, the more I understood his passion for the sport. I asked him the question that many have before “Why start the World’s Toughest Mudder Podcast?” and he advised that there was a large gap of information about World's Toughest Mudder missing and that the community needed a source of information about this event, year round. Will had an idea to be this source of information, and this is how the World’s Toughest Podcast was born.

Will covers information on the podcast that everyone can relate to (not just elites wanting to step up their game). The episodes have ranged in the past from nutrition advice, recommended gear, obstacle failure and triumph, and even a few controversial topics (including how not to DIE at World's Toughest Mudder, and the first OCR related Drug test ban).

I believe what sets his podcast apart from all others, is it's easy to follow format, clear information, and of course, hearing the love of the sport come through in a genuine manner from Will makes it all the more relate-able. He doesn't sugar coat the information presented and tries to keep things very clear. He also does his best to add in different formats of his show, to keep things interesting (before World's Toughest Mudder last year, he did an elite week series for example).

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your World's Toughest Mudder needs, then you need to subscribe to the World’s Toughest Podcast. Trust me, once you start to listen, you can't stop.

5 STARS all around!

You can find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify:

Here's an Apple Podcasts link and here's a Spotify link.


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