Arnel Banawa of has been known for years as the guy with the camera making videos of races around the globe. Recently he has been branching out making more travel videos as he traverses around the world. Now he brings something new, OCR Kitchen, showcasing how the best in the sport eat and how you can too! Arnel continues to make obstacle course racing friends around the world and showcases not only their racing but also their lives, and now food.

This latest project is showcasing not just how some of the best obstacle racers on the planet run, but now how they eat with his new series OCR Kitchen on OCRTUBE. Get a look at the meals made around the world by obstacle course racers.

OCR Kitchen – Turkish Meat & Veggie Pan by Gökhan Atvur

Find out more from OCRTUBE and on both their websites and tell us what you think of Bawana's newest project!

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