Age Group World Champion (3k and 15k) Ashley Samples begins recovery immediately after a recent podium at a Savage Race.

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been racing hard all night long. My body has been put through eight of the toughest hours in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and there is nothing I want to do but lay down. Even though the event is over, there remains one final challenge, the long and painful walk back to my car. While my friends wince with each step, I slide my feet into a pair of OOFOS Recovery Sandals and begin my walk back. It’s no longer a race but I’m now moving faster than all my friends and feeling comfortable the whole time. This is the world of OOFOS and their recovery sandal made of proprietary blend OOfoam.

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Lisa Nondorf wearing her OOFOS out on the town!

OOFOS is a recovery sandal designed to reduce the impact of each step thus hopefully speeding the recovery process. The foam they use (OOfoam) to make up the sandal reduces impact by 37% compared to traditional running shoe foam.   After testing their product for the last couple of months, here is what you need to know about OOFOS and why you should pick up a pair for yourself:


When a major running shoe company was trying to design a race shoe that absorbs impact, they stumbled upon what would later be called OOfoam. The problem with OOfoam for running is it absorbs impact but doesn’t provide a positive or significant return. This makes them a great cushion for walking but not a great material for a running shoe. Years later OOFOS would use this technology to create their revolutionary recovery sandal.


Let’s start off with the most important question, are these comfortable? YES!!! If I could give these more than 5 stars in the comfort category I would. OOFOS performs as advertised reducing impact noticeably with each step.

Do they work?:

I haven’t seen a study that shows if you wear OOFOS your body recovers in X hours versus someone that doesn’t wear OOFOS recovers in Y hours, but they feel like they work. Each step is remarkably less painful, when I wear them after an Ultra-OCR. While great for everyday wear, I can really feel the difference after a long training run or hard race. Whether they speed recovery by 10 days, 10 days, 10 minutes or 10 seconds, I can tell you they make me feel better and that in itself makes these worth the buy.


The sandals run a little large so if you are between sizes, I would go down to the lower size. For example, I normally wear a 9.5 size shoe but can comfortably fit into both a size 9 sandal and a size 8. A good piece of information to know if they are running out of the size/style that you want.

Great for post-race or a trip to the beach…but especially if your trip to the beach is after your race.



OOFOS come in four styles: a sandal, a slide, a clog and a shoe. As of this writing, the shoe is only in a Women’s version, but last time I talked to one of their representatives, he assured me the male shoe is coming soon.

Personally, I like the slide, which allows me to slip on my OOFOS even when I have socks on. This makes them easier to slip on/off from household chores like taking out the trash to taking off my muddy race shoes after an OCR. The slide is my go-to choice to pack in my race bag, walk around the house or use for quick chores. However, I prefer the look of the sandal and use that for days that I’m not racing but want to wear sandals.

Strength & Speed owner and author lounging in his OOFOS the day after finishing the Dreadmill 100 (100 cumulative treadmill miles over 48 hours).


After owning a pair of OOFOS, I’m going to have trouble justifying buying any other pair of sandals or slides. The colors and style options make them great for anyone but for me, their functionality and ability to reduce impact is what sold me. I love OOFOS and recommend you try a pair. Once you do I think you’ll find out why they put the “OOooo” in OOFOS.

5/5 stars

Death Race finisher Christina “HB” Armstrong knows the importance of recovery as she doubles down using MudGear compression socks and OOFOS recovery sandals.

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