Inov-8 unveiled today the much anticipated G-Series line using the groundbreaking Graphene technology. For several months Inov-8 has been working with the University of Manchester to use the Nobel Prize-winning Graphene technology in their award-winning shoes. Today it was unveiled the new Inov-8 G-Series which applies this new technology to three of the most popular models, the Mudclaw G 260, Terraultra G 260, and F-Lite G 290.

What makes Graphene Special?

The Graphene enhanced rubber soles create the best grip on all sorts of terrain. It is lighter and more durable than traditional rubbers and if the show lives up to the beta tests it will revolutionize the way the shoe grips on all sorts of mud, wet rocks, and other conditions often found in obstacle course racing.

Additionally, the redesigned Mudclaw for the G-Series incorporates a kevlar upper. The same stuff they make bulletproof vests out of. With this ultra-durable upper and extra grippy sole these shoes could everything an obstacle racer wanted and more. Durability to stand out to the rigors of our sport and confidence you won't be sliding around in the mud.

The Science from Inov-8:

The tests for tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistance (wear) were done according to ASTM and ISO testing standards for elastomer (rubber) testing.

Samples in standard shape of dogbones or squares are cut from flat rubber sheets and tested using a tensile testing machine or abrasion testing machine under strict measurement conditions. The force required to elongate the rubber by increasing lengths is noted until the rubber sample breaks, which gives the tensile strength and ultimate elongation.

Similarly, the amount of material eroded in a given time when the rubber is pressed against an abrading wheel with a predetermined force is measured. These properties of the graphene-enhanced rubber are then used to design the outsole to take advantage of the increased strength, elongation and abrasion resistance of the rubber material.


Outside of the sports world Graphene is already being applied to the technology world and according to insiders could revolutionize the batteries in laptops, cell phones, and other devices. Graphene is flexible, a one atom thick carbon sheet, and 200x stronger than steel. Yes, a flexible cellphone could be in the future.

Additional applications could be in semiconductors, solar technology, and water filtration, with further applications being discovered nearly daily.

But for us in the sporting world, it means a revolutionary shoe that will keep you from sliding down that slick mud pit. It's not every day that a groundbreaking tech is applied to shoes. For us in the obstacle racing industry, this shoe could be a game changer!


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