Our community members are the backbone of Mud Run Guide. As American's celebrated the 4th of July obstacle racers around the world continue to show their moxie on the course week after week. This week's community members of the week square off at Rugged Maniac and Spartan.

Each week Bonnie Wilson our social media maven picks two of the best photos from the week to be featured. If you want to be featured use hashtag #MudRunGuide for your chance to be recognized as a Mud Run Guide community member of the week. Thanks to all those who share their epic adventures weekly with our awesome community.

Jeremy Kaufman (@captainkaufmann) lines up at the starting line of Rugged Maniac and shares a few photos from his race experience. He writes:

“Off the starting line there was a whole pack of racers and I didn’t like how it felt, but by the first mile, 4 of us had broken away. I gained the lead by the end of the second mile (the leap frog) obstacle. A little while later we ended up on a motocross course and went up and down the muddy ramps, that is where I started to pull away. When I went down the slide I knew it was just a matter of moving fast and getting across that finish line!”

Tiffany Fridbert (@tfridbert) writes #flexfriday on the eve before I earn my first #trifecta of the year ?This trifecta has taken me all over the country try and has been an absolute BLAST – #spartanbigbear  #spartanchicago and #spartanindiana tomorrow. Bring it on! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend”

Best of luck to Tiffany this weekend as she goes for her first Spartan trifecta!

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