With a community like the one around Mud Run Guide, it is often hard to limit the community members of the week down to two individuals. Each week our social media guru Bonnie Wilson combs through those posted tagged with #mudrunguide. She picks two to highlight. This week we highlight two athletes who recently took on two different Spartan races.

Our first community member of the week recently took on a Spartan in Canada at Owl's Head. Mercedes Bishop (@sadie_ocr) is a 16 years old Elite OCR Athlete and OCR World Championship qualifier. She writes,

“Yesterday’s race took a lot out of me I was dumb enough to think I could race with the flu and still felt that way till the evaluation hit and I was coughing not being able to breathe and then I was so light headed that I took a wrong way doing an extra 3-4 Miles, but in the end I got my first trifecta out of 9 with a 3rd place finish!”

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Our second community member of the week Jared White (@jaredofnh) also recently took on a Spartan and was captured in a particularly interesting pose. Jared writes –

“Don’t mind me I’m just going to take a nap on these rings.
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