Recently, obstacle racers looking to take on a 2019 race saw some new fees popping up on their registration page. Spartan has introduced a new $3.00 – $6.00 fee that has a lot of the obstacle racing community talking. This new Bag Check, Event Cancellation Insurance, and Merchandise Discounts were quietly added to the 2019 registration structure. But many athletes are wondering what does this mean? Mud Run Guide reached out to Spartan for clarification.

New for all Spartan participants in 2019, including season pass holders. Spartan states about the new fee:

New for 2019, Spartan has removed separate parking (previously $10) and bag check (previously $5) fees, in favor of this smaller surcharge for all racers. Instead of paying $15 in cash for these services on race day, only $3-$6 paid during your registration gets you a simplified race day experience. (Please note, some venue locations manage their own parking, which must still be paid separately on site, on race day. If this is the case, the fee will only be $3 during registration, and the need to bring parking fees will be clearly indicated in the pre-race details and on the event page.) 

In addition, this fee includes a Merchandise Discount that will be found in your registration packet, when you check in onsite. This may include on-site discounts, or special promotions for our online store after your race. 

For athletes use to carpooling this might not be much of a savings but for those who travel alone or a couple going to race this new fee can actually save your family money in the long run. While many athletes are lamenting about an additional added fee at the end of registration what this means for a season pass holder is that on average a single race will now cost you about $25.00 with taxes and fees included for those aiming for multiple trifectas this still makes a season pass worth its weight in gold.

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