As we prep at Mud Run Guide for a huge weekend of obstacle racing at World's Toughest Mudder, Spartan Fenway, and more we celebrate two community members. Each week Bonnie Wilson, our social media guru, continues to help us celebrate all the good you are doing in the obstacle racing world.

This week we have two athletes who are celebrating their own personal successes. The first community member we are celebrating is Kody Simons (the_ocr_carpenter). He writes: “That spear landed dead center!”


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Our second community member of the week is The Island Girl Coach (wakaii_grace) showing off her skills at a recent Spartan race. She writes: “All the time when I do men’s obstacles there always stared and asked me. Are you doing the men’s? Or this is for men’s. Women’s over there ! Lol rucking it and rock my @goruck bullet and HTL patch.”


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