Spartan Rolls-Out Expanded “Spartan Social Army” Brand Ambassador Program for 2019 Season

In an effort to expand content sharing and event coverage across the US, Spartan has revamped its popular “Spartan Social Army” program with the creation of three team-member categories: “Social Media Influencer,” “On-Site Social Activation” and “On-Site Content.” The three categories were created to provide opportunities for brand loyalists to play a role in expanding community outreach and the global brand awareness of Spartan. (Links to apply for each level are embedded with the descriptions below)

Spartan Social Army

Team members will share the best possible event and race content, images, videos, and community stories with fans across Spartan social channels. Additionally, team members will help increase the racer and fan experience at events and races around the country.


“We’re excited about the new structure of the Spartan Social Army, which will allow us to more effectively divide and conquer when it comes to collecting, creating and sharing content,” said Spartan Director of Social Media Anthony Yepez.


The new program places an emphasis on regional outreach, developing ambassadors within specific areas of the country so teams will know their markets and have an innate knowledge of the venues and local players to produce insightful, in-depth coverage.


Spartan Social Army Team members will earn perks and complimentary items throughout the season – that may include exclusive Spartan merchandise, discounts, and rewards by participating partners. Actual perks and complimentary items to be determined by Spartan during the year with redemption and eligibility terms and conditions announced at a later date – stay tuned!


“We’re dedicated to creating and sharing the highest quality content possible, and for that reason, we evaluated the current program and thoughtfully updated it so it’s inclusive and structured in a way that all members get the most out of their experience with Spartan. The regional focus is especially exciting – if you think about it, there is no one better to share in-depth news from the events and races you care about the most, then the people who are embedded in your local communities,” added Yepez.

Social Army “Teams”

To ensure proper assignment among the teams, prospective members of the Spartan Social Army must apply to the 2019 program (links below). Those interested in applying are encouraged to review the team descriptions and apply for the position(s) that best describes their skill set and interests.


Social Media Influencer

Influencers are active on social media channels, demonstrate an active Spartan lifestyle, and participates in Spartan events. Creating content comes as second nature and inspiring people is your goal. You’ll be joining social campaigns throughout the year and will have opportunities to become one of the many faces of the brand.


Those interested in applying should take note that your influence is not defined by the number of followers, rather by the weight one’s voice holds within their regional community, the content you create and share, and how you engage with the Spartan community. – Apply here:


On-Site Activation

The Onsite Activation Team Members are expected to engage with the community in an enthusiastic, positive and encouraging manner onsite at Spartan events, to ensure the best experience possible and achieve goals set for each event. Onsite Activation Team Members are involved, positive, enthusiastic, as well as up to date and knowledgeable about Spartan brand products and events. Team members are available at Spartan events for 4 to 8 hours. – Apply here:


On-Site Content

Team members will assist at Spartan events to capture high quality and valuable content for Spartan social media use on all channels. Onsite Content Team Members have a background in photography and/or videography, have access to professional video and photo equipment, ability to move around the course and mobility to follow elite athletes. Availability requirements may range from 3 to 8 hours based on event type. – Apply here

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