While Obstacle Course Racing may be a solo pursuit in terms of your finishing time, many to most participants take on the course with a group of friends, co-workers, or family. For some of us, those three groups of people may be entirely uninterested in a day of mud, obstacles, and beer and simply opt for the ‘day of beer' instead. Tough Mudder wants to do something about this – Introducing “Solo Runners” at Tough Mudder 5k and Classic.

Tough Mudder Solo Waves

You did the research, and you want it all. The pulse-pounding world-class obstacles that’ll test your toughness, the mouth-watering local eats, the killer live entertainment, and the frosty cold beer(s) to wash it all down. The only thing stopping you is that your usual crew can’t hit the mud with you.

Well sit back, relax (for now), and snag a spot in our all-new Solo Runner Waves. In 2019 it’s time to ditch lone wolf status, form a muddy pack, and rip your goals to shreds together.

All you gotta do is…

Find a Tough Mudder event, register, then follow the instructions to “Join a Team,” and search for “Solo Runners”. Just make sure that your event type and day match the team name (see below), and you’re ready to conquer the course with your brand new crew.

  • Solo Runners 5K Saturday
  • Solo Runners 5K Sunday
  • Solo Runners Classic Saturday
  • Solo Runners Classic Sunday

Heads up:

Signing up for a Solo Runner wave doesn’t guarantee you a specific start time. On event day, simply check in as you normally would, then head to the start chute at your assigned time and meet your new pack.

Another Tip: Buy your parking and bag drop in advance

Did you know you can now purchase parking and bag drop in advance, and save some bucks along the way? After you buy your ticket, check your purchase confirmation email and follow the links, or log into your account in Active and navigate to “My Events” to purchase. Need more help? Click HERE for a step-by-step guide on how to purchase.

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