Courtesy of Spartan Race

It’s a debate that’s been around longer than high heels and left-up toilet seats: Which is the superior sex, men or women?

Last September, Spartan put that question to the test. They held their first-ever Battle of the Sexes Hurricane Heat, pitting a team of men against a team of women in a challenge testing their teamwork, ingenuity, cohesiveness and communication.

The women won . . . by one point.

On March 9, the men will get their chance at redemption as Spartan holds their second Battle of the Sexes Hurricane Heat in Las Vegas.

A Spartan Hurricane Heat is a demanding endurance event where teams of participants work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles and challenges. Regular Hurricane Heats generally last about four hours.

During the Battle of the Sexes Hurricane Heat, male and female participants are separated into two teams that go in different directions so neither teams knows what the other is doing.

The teams are subjected to a series of tests and challenges that they will not be warned about or given any time to prepare for. The teams will need to work together quickly and effectively. Each challenge carries a number of points that can be won. Whichever team has the most points at the end will be declared the winners.

Challenges are not about brute strength. Instead, participants are tested in teamwork, lateral thinking, guile and communication.

Interested in representing your gender in the Battle of the Sexes Hurricane Heat? Register here.

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