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This weekend, we will have special coverage on Facebook from Fort Carson Spartan as Sean Settle will be on the course with the veterans of Oscar Mike. He will also be on following Jonathan Lopez, a super ambassador for Operation Enduring Warrior and Oscar Mike as he escorts a family that lost their 22-year-old son to suicide.

Our first community member of the week is Samuel Koehler, who has run seven races already this year and is inspired by Blind Pete. Sam has Achromatopsia, a visual impairment that causes colorblindness and blindness in bright lights. You'll see Sam racing with his signature shades, and usually standing on a podium, as he's finished in the top three in six of his seven races this year. Learn more about Sam and his sister Rachel in our Bad Ass Kids of OCR series!


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Hi my name is Samuel. I have a visual impairment called Achromatopsia, which causes me to not see color, not to see very far and bright lights blind me. I discovered OCR last year and ran my first race in April of 2018. Last year I did several kids races but always ran with a guide, my sister @heart4ocr . ⁣ ⁣ At the beginning of this year I asked my parents if I could run competitively. They were nervous but allowed me to run my first competitive race in Saraland Alabama. The first day I was excited but nervous, while running I fell several times but got right back up and came in 4th place. I wanted to try again the next day and see if I could make that podium. So on Sunday I went out and gave it my all and got 1st place and my mom cried.⁣ ⁣ I have ran a total of 7 competitive races this year and made podium six times. 1 ?, 3 ? and 2 ?. I love OCR races because they are fun challenges. They have fun obstacles and you always get to meet new friends. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ OCR has allowed me to meet some amazing athletes as well, one of which is Blind Pete. He is my inspiration. He races without any vision and makes no excuses. I hope to inspire others to race too just like Blind Pete inspires me.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #spartankids #spartanrace #spartankidsrace #spartankidsrace2019 #spartankidsworldchampionship2019 #adaptiveathlete #achromatopsia #ocr #fitkids #fitkid #theocrboys #ocrboy #ocrboyshades #ocrboys #noexcuses #obstaclecourseracing #mudrunguide #alwayssmiling

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Next, we have Agata Pietroszek, who tackled a Runmageddon race in Poland last weekend and came in third place! Check out her form!


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