We've all been there – mentally preparing for a hot, sweaty run or a hard workout while you're throwing your gym clothes into a bag and possibly trying to find the motivation to kick your butt into gear or even kick your workout up a notch. Well, what if the shirt you choose for your workout was not only comfortable, functional, and insanely sweat-wicking, but used your own perspiration for some kick-butt inspiration too?

Motivation Through Perspiration

Sweat-Activated Fitness Apparel that Inspires, Lasts, and Performs as Hard as You

“With ViewSPORT apparel, you will find the strength to never give in. Your hard work visibly shows and allows you to push yourself harder than ever before. Our innovative Sweat Activated Technology works on a wide range of body types to keep you cool and comfortable while training. Use the motivational message to push yourself beyond what you previously believed. The hidden message is 100% activated by your own perspiration.

Our line of fitness apparel is made from superior materials that are safe, breathable, hypoallergenic, and treated with BodyFresh® to inhibit the formation of odor-causing bacteria.”

Get The Message

I've been running in several different ViewSPORT tops over the last few years and have found both the tees and tanks comfortable, breathable, and lightweight for any activity. Aside from the “woah, check out that shirt” I've heard at the gym or on a run, ViewSPORT tops are already at the top of my list for a great workout shirt.

One side effect of wearing a shirt with a message – people will want to read your torso while you're at your most tired, sweatiest, possibly smelliest moments… but isn't that what motivation is all about? Wear your ViewSPORT message like a medal!



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