Happy Friday from Mud Run Guide! This weekend, we'll be bringing you live coverage from Conquer the Gauntlet in Wichita, Kansas. Tune in for exciting updates!

Today we're celebrating members of the OCR Community who are truly living their best lives.

First, you know those people who always manage to find the camera during a race and end up with cute, flattering race photos? Eric Sena might take the cake. In the midst of a bucket list race, it's important to remember to have fun, and Eric's photo is on point.

Next, we have Megan, who is embracing her authentic self and has found like-minded people through OCR who have become lifelong friends.


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“Being the best doesn’t mean you’re the most popular. Being the most popular doesn’t mean you even have talent.” One of my friends @ianhates posted these words on his Facebook today. He’s the definition of authenticity and he has never cared about what people think. He’s true to himself. • Before this status, though, I was talking with my early morning client today about something very similar. To get where you want in life, you need to stop caring what other people think and start being true to you. You can’t please everybody and still achieve your goals in life. To be {your} best, you have to be dedicated to you first and foremost. • Growing up as one of four girls, sibling rivalry was very real. It taught me to say what’s on my mind and to stand up for myself. But in turn, it became very difficult to make friends with females. Through gymnastics, soccer, cheerleading, and sorority life, I never had many strong female friends. I couldn’t grasp how to maintain my friendships while simultaneously putting my goals and my ambitions ahead of all else. Once I moved to Boston, I adopted the #GiveZeroFucks mentality and dove head first into my passions. Training, work, and everything I enjoyed became priority number one. This outlook on life allowed me to truly be myself and to build some of the strongest friendships. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who share the same goals and aspirations. We toe the start line, we challenge each other on the course, and we celebrate our individual successes at the finish line. But at the end of the day, I am not in this sport for the popularity; I don’t care about how many likes my post gets or how many followers I have. I’m in this sport to push myself and to become the best #OCRAthlete i can be. I’d rather be the best than be the most popular. • If there is one takeaway that I could pass on to the sport, it’s this: The more time you spend on perfecting the person you think the world wants you to become, you are losing the time in perfecting the person you truly are. Don’t leave potential untapped. Let your popularity come from your passion. Friendships are the result of your authenticity.

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