Happy Friday from Mud Run Guide! We hope you all have recovered from the excitement of NorAms last weekend and are ready to hit the ground running tomorrow!

Our first community member of the week is Amy Walker, who is tackled the 15k at NorAms last weekend after only one year in OCR. Follow Amy's lead and say “Yes!” to something that scares you this weekend.


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#TBT to Noram's 15K and the most exciting OCR weekend of my 1st year of racing. – – I'm so glad I took a chance and did that first Spartan and I'm even happier that I have been blessed to be able to keep taking bigger and bolder chances along the way. – – Every time I say YES to a race and get a chance meet new wonderful racers I am reminded of just how great life can be when we embrace it fully and take risks. – – Last night I made a new friend because I said yes to a last minute invitation. That new friend told me he was embracing the idea of saying yes to new things too and that's why he was out with my other buddy last night. I think all of us should try to say YES to more things and stop holding ourselves back with negativity or doubt. It's amazing the change that you'll see when you test out this theory. – – Try saying YES to one new thing a week that you'd normally so no and see what a difference it makes for you.

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Next, we have Chriz Scherf, who is representing the Spartan contingent in Mexico. This weekend, he'll be racing the Spartan Stadion in Mexico City as preparation for the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe. Good luck Chriz!


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#TBT al “#BarbedWireCrawl” de la Spartan Sprint de Acapulco. Posiblemente de las carreras más demandantes que me han tocado y eso que solo fueron 5 kilómetros y cacho. ???‍♂️. . Este fin toca otra Sprint de una distancia similar en versión estadio dentro del autódromo y Foro Sol, que servirá como entrenamiento y fogueo previó al mundial de Tahoe de este año. . ¡VAMOS A DIVERTIRNOS UN RATO! ¡Vamos a ver amigos, gente querida y cercana, y también apoyar con los @spartankidsmx dando salidas entre más cosas ???! . #RoadToTahoe #SpartanWC2019 ?? & Road to #SpartaTWC2019 ?? __ |??‍♂️ @spartanracemx | #SpartanGlobalBA19 |? by @2xumx | #Team2XUMx |? by @gutsteammexico & @revolucion_cf |? by @hammernutritionmx | #FuelRightFeelGreat . . ? @asdeporte — #ToTheBitterEnd #OCR #Spartan #SpartanMX #SpartanRaceMx #SpartanRace #SpartanMXSRBA #SpartanBAMXChriz #ChrizScherf #2XUMx #SoySWAT #HowIHammer #HammerNutritionMX #SportsJunkie #AtletaRC #RUN #fitness #running #WillitMakeTheBoatGoFaster #tb #throwback #throwbackthursday

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Where are you racing this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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