The 2019 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships took place in London from October 11th, 2019 through October 13th, 2019. It was a great weekend for Jon Albion, who took home his 6th consecutive OCR World Championship Title, finishing first in both the 3k and 15k races. The women's races were dominated by Karin Karlsson, who took home her first OCR World Championship title in the 15k and had two of the three fasted times in the 100m as well.

3k Elite Results


  1. Jonathan Albon- 21:34
  2. Thomas Butler Van Tonder- 22:13
  3. Sergei Perelygin- 22:19


  1. Nicole Mericle- 26:41
  2. Ida Mathilde Steensgaard- 26:53
  3. Rebecca Hammond- 27:07

Link to results for 3K events: OCRWC 2019 3K Results

100m Sprint Results

The 100m Sprint is set up as a time trial and athletes are allowed to run the course at any point during course hours from Friday through Sunday.


  1. Thomas Van Tonder- 1:37:64
  2. Wojciech Sobierajski- 1:39:26
  3. Nikita Khaydukov- 1:40:98


  1. Karin Karlsson 2:15:81
  2. Katja Christensen 2:16:84
  3. Ida Mathilde Steensgaard 2:26:08

Karin Karlsson also had the third-fastest time at 2:16:90, moving Ida Steeensgaard into third place.

Men's Over 40

  1. Rob Boarder- 2:12:92
  2. Brian Christen- 2:16:79
  3. Vitali Savanovich- 2:21:63

Women's Over 40

  1. Alix Arndt 2:32:89
  2. Laura Heywood 2:47:86
  3. Trish Eksteen 3:11:00

Alix Arndt and Laura Heywood took the first five spots over the weekend, moving Trish Eksteen to third place.

2019 OCRWC 100 Meter Results

15k Results

In the men's race, Jon Albon took home his 6th OCR World Championship title. In the women's race, Karin Karlsson from Sweeden stood atop the podium for the first time after finishing third for the last three years.


  1. Jonathan Albon- 1:24:18
  2. Ryan Atkins- 1:24:57
  3. Thomas Buyle- 1:27:04


  1. Karin Karlsson- 1:54:52
  2. Katja Christensen- 1:56:59
  3. Ida Mathilde Steensgaard- 1:59:27

Link to results for 15k: 2019 OCRWC 15k Results

Pro Team Competition


  1. Team Urban Sky- 42:45:10
  2. Team Hang-On Netherlands- 42:45:74
  3. Platinum Rig- 42:55:82


  1. Team Tough Trails DK- 55:11:46
  2. Team Russia 2- 59:32:92
  3. Air Team South Africa Ladies- 1:01:02:46


  1. Team Innov8 Denmark- 44:46:91
  2. TTGU- Team Tough Training Group UmeO- 47:32:68
  3. A Lion, A Spartan, and a Ninja Walked into a Bar- 49:59:26

Team A Lion, A Spartan, and a Ninja Walked into a Bar features Mud Run Guide's Matt Willis!

Link to results for Team events: OCRWC 2019 Team Results


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