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The 2019 edition of World's Toughest Mudder took place at Bouckaert Farms in Atlanta, GA. Racers took to the 5-mile course for more than 24 hours to see who could rack up the most miles in the shortest amount of time.

The race took a different feel from previous races and became a combination of race, community party, and celebration of what makes Tough Mudder different. The race featured an OCR-style rave in the middle of the course in the evening,  challenges to earn carabiners that could allow you to bypass obstacles. The race also featured some of the traditional teamwork during obstacles that made Tough Mudder what it is today.



Selfless acts of kindness near the finish line… Chris is a hero to many on the course tonight.

Posted by Mud Run Guide on Sunday, November 17, 2019


If you missed any of the experience, you can catch up with our Instagram Story Highlights hosted by Jacob Brosecker on our Instagram, or any of the live videos by Margaret Schlachter on Facebook.



World’s Toughest Rave with Coach at World’s Toughest Mudder!

Posted by Mud Run Guide on Saturday, November 16, 2019


Men's Results:

1- Trevor Cichosz 105 Miles in 23:44:05

2- Kristopher Mendoza 100 Miles in 23:41:56

3- Javier Escobar 100 miles in 24:59:58


Women's Results

1- Morgan McKay 80 Miles in 23:22:24

2- Erin Rost 75 Miles in 24:25:33

3- Corrine Kohlen 75 Miles in 24:52:45


4 Person Team Results

1- Germany's Toughest Mudders (Maximilian Winkelmann, Christoph Ewald, Patrick Grothe, Sven Falkenberg) 85 Miles in 23:08:05

2-  Poor Boy Running (Cutler Holland, Cole Krajeski, Trevor Holland, Andy Fish) 75 Miles in 24:04:57

3- The Replacements (Heather White, James Daresta, Charles Harper, Dawn Wilson) 65 Miles in 22:22:51


2 Person Team Results

1-  Muddy Canucks (Morgan Henderson, Andrey Rebrov) 105 Miles in 24:24:30

2- Untouchables  (Maximillian Ladzinski, Christopher McLeod)  100 Miles in 24:07:54

3- Team UK  (Charlie Boher, Kevin Southgate) 85 Miles in 23:55:50


Find more results: Worlds Toughest Mudder Results


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