I am sure that you have all heard or read about the unfortunate legal troubles that Tough Mudder currently faces as a company.

It does indeed seem like dark times are ahead for this brand in 2020.

It's difficult to read all of the news/speculations as to what will happen to one of the most beloved OCR race companies in history. In the last couple of weeks, the Tough Mudder community and family have rallied together to support each other, and keep the feeling of hope and positivity alive.

For those that are not part of the OCR community or who have never done a Tough Mudder, it is hard to understand why many of us Mudders are grieving the possible loss of a good friend, a lifesaver and a safe place where we can just be. The Tough Mudder family and community are about compassion, love, finding yourself, facing your fears, helping others and NOT giving up.

It's so easy to just press a button and share all the news/tweets/articles that are coming out surrounding what may or may not become of Tough Mudder, but I would like us all to take a step back. If you stop for a moment and think, the issue with Tough Mudder impacts not only racers but many other people including:

  • any and all staff that may be losing their jobs (cannot provide for their families).
  • the contractors, small businesses and other vendors that may not get paid period.
  • volunteers who have spent thousands of unpaid hours to support this race and company.
  • front line event staff (including our beloved Sean Corvelle, Coach Mud and Clinton Jackson to name a few).
  • anyone that had decided to make 2020 their year, overcome all obstacles and run their first Tough Mudder.

We are all scared, confused, lonely, feeling lost and want answers, but need to remember that this family is about respect, love and compassion.

Let's not forget that behind the dollar signs, uncertainty, anger, rage, fear, and the misinformation that is everywhere, if Tough Mudder goes away it impacts a huge tribe, a community of people, our OCR family!

As a second-year Tough Mudder Ambassador, I have seen this event grow, change, evolve, and build people up. This is not a race, but a challenge where one hand reaches down to help another.

I will proudly represent this brand until the end, whatever that may be.

Let's all remember a little compassion and respect goes a long way. Please think about this before you hit that share button.

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