“You can't kill us, We are already dead.”
– The Deadboys Manifesto


The founders of Deaboys Fitness Colby Lopez and Josh Gallegos

Flashback to January 2019. I might have been dead. All I was doing was running, but not getting anywhere. My fitness was paying the price. On top of this, my mental and physical strength was paying the price. I knew the solution, I had always done better with Crossfit style workouts, but I was not interested in going back to the Crossfit style gym. I have a gym five blocks from my house which I love and has a ton of equipment that I can use, I just need the guidance and plans.

Enter Deadboys Fitness.

What is it?

To quote their website:

“Deadboys Fitness brings you a functional fitness experience like none other. Created by Colby Lopez and Josh Gallegos with the idea of offering training options for everybody, including experienced athletes, functional fitness enthusiasts and those new to fitness, Deadboys Fitness provides a unique opportunity to train like your favorite superstars with daily workouts meant to transform your body. “

Now, for those of you who are doing a double-take at the names: Colby Lopez is none other than World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Seth Rollins. He partnered with Josh Gallegos, a well-known figure in the Crossfit community as a coach and trainer at some of the top gyms in LA, a former emcee of the Crossfit Games, a level 2 CF coach and CF endurance coach to bring fitness to everyone.

One of the key things that I love with this program is that no matter where you are in your journey and what your goals are, it offers something to everyone. Each workout has three levels of progression.

Level 1: Beginner
Level 2: For those with some experience under their belt.
RX: Just as it sounds.

There are also RX+ options for those ready for something a little extreme. If you are into more of the weightlifting and gymnastics side of Crossfit, they offer an upgraded option for more advanced workouts.

Workouts are logged in the WODFIY App with warm-ups included.

How it works

The equipment needs are minimal. All you need is a set of dumbells and a mat to get started. Workouts are presented in the WODIFY app, the Deadboys private Facebook group, and a members-only Instagram page. The workouts come with video links to the more advanced movements. You literally can get and do these workouts anywhere that is convenient.

I have been doing the program since February and I am already seeing progress with some of my skills. I enjoy most of the challenges- even the burpees- that come in the workouts. And honestly, I come out of these workouts knowing that I gave it everything I had and in a puddle of sweat. That feeling is priceless.

What I actually love more than anything is the community. There is something very special and organic in the community that the Deadboys have built. Everyone is working towards different goals and they are at different places in their journey, but the entire atmosphere is about lifting each other up. We celebrate each other's victories, lift each other up when the journey is rough and help each other through the rougher parts of life. I feel like I have a true extended family.

The program does not offer a nutrition component but does offer nutrition challenges as an add on. The community is also supportive and shares its nutrition experiences.

While it may not be the answer if you are looking for OCR specific workouts, if you are looking for a cost and time friendly option to get your functional fitness workouts and find a community of like-minded athletes; Deadboys Fitness presents a fantastic option.

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