Day 4 climbing under one of Newbsanity's unique obstacles in Binghamton, NY.

Last month I set out to redo an event I swore I would never do again.  In 2016, I organized then ran an event called OCR America, 7 days of multi-lapping Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) venues between Vermont and Oklahoma.  Along the way, I raised $3500+ for charity and covered 161 miles plus 1000+ obstacles (read about it in my book Ultra-OCR Man now on digital, hard copy and audiobook).  In 2020, I decided to take things up a level and do 8 days, 8 venues in the worst weather I could find (late January).  Here’s a quick recap…

Climbing out of Day 3's Newbsanity's Extreme Ravine.

The What

Over the eight days, I ran a total of 200 miles and did more than 1000+ obstacles.  191 of those miles were in the first week at seven different venues.  Snow, single-digit temperatures and unbelievably sore muscles all made better by a small army of pacers keeping me company.  The stories, goals, and plans I heard from the pacers who ranged from Pro to getting ready for their first OCR are truly what makes the sport great.

Pacers from Otherworld Fitness in Frederick, MD on Day 2 pace Evan to a 35 mile OCR event day.

The Why

The event was designed to raise money for the charity Folds of Honor (scholarship money for children whose parents were killed or wounded in military service).  I can try to tell you the importance of this charity, but it is best said by someone who had to live it, Gold Star wife and mother of a growing young boy, Colleen Katzenberger (listen to her story on the latest Strength & Speed podcast, Episode 120, and keep a box of tissues handy it’s an emotional one).  Hearing her story makes the week of suffering worth every second.

OCR America Day 1- Obstacle Athletics, Long Island, NY

Hanging out this week with Evan Perperis, travelling the country doing crazy things for Folds of Honor! Thanks to Obstacle Athletics for letting us race and film. Check out Evan's page for more details, and come run with us in your city!

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Want to learn more?

I can try to give you a long explanation of what made the event so memorable, but I highly recommend you just watch Stoke Shed’s coverage of the event.  They managed to capture the feel for each day perfectly and condense 8-12 hours of OCR into three-minute clips.   Follow the links below to see each video.

Day 1: Obstacle Athletics in Deer Park, Long Island NY (The epic start)

Day 2: Otherworld Fitness in Frederick, MD (The day with the most miles, 35)

Day 3: Newbsanity Extreme Ravine in Binghamton, NY (The longest and hardest day)

Day 4: Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet in Binghamton, NY (The day with the coolest obstacles)

Day 5: Erie’s OCR Battlegrounds in Erie, PA (The day with the most obstacles per mile)

Day 6: Michelle Warnky’s Movement Lab Ohio in Columbus, OH (My FAVORITE VIDEO, the most fun playing on obstacles and an emotional ending)

OCR America Day 6- Movement Lab, Cleveland, OH

Six days in, a sleep-deprived Evan is running on caffeine and an injured ankle. Movement Lab Ohio hosts the crew and gives Evan and Amy Pajcic plenty of obstacles to battle against.Evan's still moving in an effort to raise money for Folds of Honor. Head over to his personal page to donate.Thanks to RockTape for holding Evan's ankle together. Also thanks to sponsors MudGear, dryrobe, and Hammer Nutrition for getting us through to the last few stops on our journey.

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Day 7: William Shell’s Private Training Grounds in Cape Girardaeu, MO (A long day packing on the miles so I could reach 200)

Day 8: KC Timber Challenge’s Yeti in Kansas City, KS (The epic conclusion at a live event and one of the only winter OCRs in the Midwest)

Climbing out of Day 8's KC Timber Challenge Vertigo Bus.

The event is over, but the fundraiser isn’t.  Please consider donating to Folds of Honor here via our Facebook fundraiser.  If you want more details and recaps from the event, check out the Strength & Speed podcast guest hosted by Obstacle Running Adventures, Mike Stefano in episodes 112-119 that were recorded daily after each event.  Plus, Stoke Shed has plenty more great OCR video content planned for you in 2020 that will break ground in the sport of OCR and Mud Run Guide will be the first to break the news.  Follow along, it’s going to be epic!

Final obstacle after 200 miles, my daughter.

Pictures and video all taken by Stoke Shed

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