UPDATE: See the finished course photos here – SEAL BUDS Course

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, schools, playgrounds, and social gatherings are shuttered while we restrict person-to-person contact. This social distancing has also removed an athlete's ability to train and race together with friends who push ourselves to be the best we can be.

OCR “Downtime” Becomes Training Time

During this quarantine, one team of OCR fanatics and business owners took to the road and met up to build a private SEAL-style BUDS course at a remote location in Texas, and their business is booming with multiple similar requests from private ranches, schools that are currently closed, and private residences to create one-of-a-kind obstacle courses. Brett Stewart, co-founder of Mud Run Guide and the Course Designer for OCR World Championships, Bobby Sheldon, an elite course builder with multiple OCRWC, NorAm, and CrossFit Games course builds under his toolbelt, and Sidney Morris, owner of Battle OCR and Spartan SGX coach have partnered up with Kristen Stewart's Adventure Fitness to bring the obstacle course race home to you.


When it comes to building and maintaining fitness, we know nothing works quite as well as obstacle course training nor is as fun to build the strength and agility to overcome the challenges each new obstacle presents. Having your own professionally-built obstacle course can be an amazing resource for you and your family to train together at home now, and an awesome feature for you to challenge your friends and keep honing your OCR skills for years to come. With modular obstacles, a minimum footprint can be a maximum impact!

Making the Best of a Tough Time

As business owners Sid, Bobby, and Brett were presented with the tough task of supporting their families with events and construction jobs being postponed for weeks or months, so they took to the road to utilize their skills and passion for obstacle course racing to bring the OCR experience to private residences and ranches across the USA. As of the writing, the boys are currently on the ground about 45 minutes southeast of Dallas building an authentic representation of a NAVY SEAL BUDS course on a small private lot for a non-active duty soldier to keep himself active and fit as well as train his family during these shut-in times. Once the all-clear has been given, the course owner is excited to share his new playground with his friends, and the flexibility of the obstacles makes for a great place to congregate and “play” around a bit.

Completed Course Photos

Here are the finished photos of the private SEAL BUDS course outside of Dallas, TX.


  • SEAL House – including (2) adult rope descents, kid's rope cross, 22′ confidence climb, and ladder/climbing wall
  • Rope Swing
  • Double Rope-to-Ring Climbs
  • Adult & Kid's Monkey Bars
  • Double Weaver
  • Log Walls
  • Cargo Net Climb (12′ and 8′)
  • Traverse Wall
  • Balance Logs
  • Tricep Traverse

Get Your Own Training Grounds

Our crew has wrapped up the building & testing of this private SEAL BUDS course in TX and are prepping to head to other builds around the USA – want to get on the list? Check out Adventure Fitness's Course Builds to get started.

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