The Endurance Sports Coalition continues on its mission to secure support and relief from the Federal Government for the industry as a whole. The coalition, which has now grown to include over 640 member races, organizations, timing companies, and other race-related outlets shared an update on Friday with the progress they made along with a reminder as to what athletes can do to help support the coalition moving forward.

  • Congress and the White House continue to negotiate additional funding to supplement the Paycheck Protection Program portion of the CARES Act. We've heard that several Coalition members have had their applications approved– and this will be a key data point as we continue to speak with elected officials about the continuing needs of this industry. See the action items below for a quick poll on what programs you've leveraged to date.
  • Thanks to a connection from IRONMAN, we've been participating in joint calls with an ad hoc collection of other coalitions in the live event space, including groups that represent stadiums & venues, touring productions, the concert industry and Broadway. We've given input on a joint letter to Congress outlining the impact of long-term bans on the broader sports and entertainment industry.
  • We're working to build our congressional coalition of elected members who are supportive of our cause.  Senator Sinema continues to be a great advocate, and we're seeking broad bi-partisan support. Do you or your organization have an existing relationship with an elected Senator or Representative? Please email us at to let us know.
  • The launch of the coalition picked up good coverage from industry and trade media, including an article from ESPN that ran last night. We'll be posting the latest media links to the website over the weekend. If you've got local media relationships interested in covering the Endurance Sports Coalition, please coordinate with Jonathan Fine for our latest press release and speaking points.

What can you do?

Write your public officials: The Endurance Sports Coalition has offered an interface on their website where you can directly write to your elected officials or record a video. They also have a template e-mail that you can send out independent of the website.

You can find the details: Endurance Sports Coalition

Sign the Petition:

Endurance Sports Coalition Petition 

Mud Run Guide is proud to be a member of the coalition and supports the guiding principals of the ESC which are.

  1. Endurance Sporting Events are a key component of the US health and fitness landscape, providing opportunities for over 30 million Americans annually to run, bike, swim, conquer obstacle courses, better their bodies and transform their lives.

  2. As an industry with over $3 billion in annual economic impact, endurance sports drive critical economic impact to major cities and small towns alike, filling hotel rooms and restaurants, supporting sporting goods and specialty retailers, and sustaining a secondary industry of timers, trainers, coaches and service providers. 

  3. Thousands of charities depend on the endurance industry to provide a platform for critical fundraising. 

  4. The diverse nature of our industry is largely comprised of small businesses, many of whom are longstanding pillars of their local communities.  Across our industry, we sustain nearly 500,000 jobs and an even greater number of freelance, part-time and temporary employment opportunities.


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