Are you the kind of person who owns 34 sports bras, 18 pairs of shorts, and more workout leggings than you could ever possibly wear? Me too. It has always felt like I am on a never-ending search to find the perfect race wear. The sports bra that doesn’t leave you stuck straight jacket style when you try to remove it while you are still covered in sweat. Shorts that have a liner that can actually contain your whole bottom and not relocate into your crack. Leggings that can get wet and not leave you with a drop crotch. Once you do find exactly what you have been looking for, do you buy it in every single color just because you never know when they are going to stop making it? Yeah! Me too! Hylete has done an AMAZING job of capturing what the female athlete desires when it comes to fitness apparel. 

I have been a huge fan of Hylete’s crops for many years- historically, their Invex Crops were my go-to race bottoms. I recently got my hands on the Nimbus Capris. The capris hit below the widest part of the calf, which is very important to help them stay put when active. I have purchased other brands in the past that hit at the widest part, and subsequently roll, or inch their way up until they rest below the knee. They also make them in a full-length version which hits me right above the ankle, the Nimbus Tight. I love these for running outdoors because they do have a pocket! Many people run with keys, or a park pass, phone etc. so this is a must-have feature. However, I have an iPhone 7, a phone any bigger, or with a thicker case may not fit. They are 90% polyester and 10% spandex and so very soft. They don’t sag when wet and still look new after being worn and washed repeatedly. These are an athlete wardrobe staple, they are great for lounging, indoor/outdoor training, racing and even rock climbing.

CTG Pro team member Lisa Nondorf wears the Nimbus Capri in Navy for obstacle course races.

Amy Pajcic of the CTG Pro Team and American Ninja warrior took the Nimbus capris in Heather Lagoon to new heights while rock climbing. Even after contact with the rock face, they look as good as new.


For cold weather training, Michelle Warnky, ANW superstar and CTG Pro team member, prefers the full length Nimbus tight in black.

In addition to the different tights they offer, the Velos Shorts are a great option for those of us in warmer climates. A highlight of these shorts is that they do have a built in liner and it’s made with athletes in mind. Many shorts I have worn in the past have a larger shell and a smaller liner, this creates problems for athletic women. The inner liner stays put and does not create a wardrobe malfunction. The outer shell is so thin it is as comfortable as running nude, and because of the thin material, it doesn’t bunch between the legs as many shorts do. The waistband is nice and thick, so it sits up a little higher, I personally prefer a lower rise so I just flip the waistband down a turn and they stay comfortably in place. 

Ashley Samples of the CTG Pro Team in the Era Bra and Velos Shorts

The final product I would like to mention is the Era Sports Bra. As soon as I opened it from the packaging I did a “happy dance”! It has every feature of a great bra, all in one great design. As soon as I tried it, I didn’t understand why a sports bra would be made any other way. The fabric is supportive but not restrictive and includes a mesh panel for breathability. Both the band and shoulder straps are adjustable. It zips in the front so there’s no getting stuck in it when sweaty or wet. The Era bra does have removable pads, some people favor these, others remove them entirely. Personally, I do like the coverage provided by the pads but hate to have to take them in and out, realign, or unwrinkle them. I will say, these pads though removable, stayed in place through many washes. The design of this bra was so well thought out that there is an eye hook in addition to the front zipper, and the zipper has what I would explain as its own little “pocket” that contains the zipper and keeps the hard plastic from rubbing on sensitive skin. This sports bra is the total package. It does have a higher price point than most sports bras ($72) however, I have wasted quite a bit of money on bras I can hardly tolerate. I would rather have a bra I really love! 

Amy Pajcic racing in the Era bra.

To view the full selection of Hylete bottoms check out and the Era bra can be found here:

Finally, one additional reason I love Hylete is that 1% of all of their women’s product line sales benefits the Graced by Grit Foundation that focuses on self-empowering women.

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