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My name is Charles A Vassallo better known as Jazz when i am out there on the course. I am a Brooklyn native and have 2 children. I am a single dad and can also be found in social media as SUPER DAD, named after a book i wrote about raising my daughter on my own. The struggles and hardships i have faced during those challenging times as a single parent has given me the strength and fortitude i needed to excel as an athlete. It showed me that adversity was just part of my life and that the ability to persevere when all was down, was an essential element in my survival. I am an elite OCR athlete and top 3 in the country in the elite masters division. My first OCR was in 2011 and by 2013, i was competing at a very high level. Since then, i have been a steady top 20 finisher and in 2014 , finished 21 in the country in the Spartan Elite Series. I have podium wins in Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Mudman X, Merrell Down and Dirty, Mud Guts Glory, Rebel Race, Survival Race, Run A Muck and the OCRWC. In 2015, i have made elite masters podium in every race and finished 2nd overall one of those days. In addition to having athletic abilities, my trained dancing background has given me great success on obstacles. I worked extremely hard at running/trail running and have now developed into an expert. I teach bootcamp classes and host OCR training camps and seminars. I am also a trainer and studied with NASM.

On and Off the Course: Debbie (Moreau) Koch

By |June 30th, 2015|

To succeed, in the world of OCR, it is essential to be completely well rounded and possess enormous levels of stamina, agility and true dedication, which is unheard of in your average star athlete in any sport, let alone the average person. For the elite athletes, maintaining these qualities has to become a lifestyle they adopt, and one that continues 365 days a year, from exercise, training and diet. For OCR athlete Debbie (Moreau) Koch, she succeeds on and off the course.

Race Review: Bone Frog Challenge

By |June 9th, 2015|

Generally, when people think about the frog in the World of OCR, their thoughts are about the flashier, highly marketed Battlefrog. I admit, I was guilty of these same thoughts. There is no doubt that it is a respectable race and I was all in on that frog, until now. The lesser known race called Bone Frog, founded by Brian Carney (33) born and raised in Western Massachusetts, 13 year Navy and 9 year Seal veteran, is an absolute power house in obstacle course racing.

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