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Baltimore Maryland The Zombie Run 2014

April 26, 2014

High Point Farm

23730 Frederick Rd, Clarksburg, MD, United States

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April 26, 2014

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High Point Farm
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Race Start Time:

First Extreme wave at 9am, First Black Ops wave at 8:30pm
Wave releases will be designed to give the participant the ultimate experience.


High Point Farm
23730 Frederick Rd
Clarksburg, MD, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



The Zombie Run

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Average rating: 2.17 / 5 from 23 reviews.

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Use discount code MRG15 for $15 off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

ZombieHumanRunner All DayUntil
$35$65$100January 31st, 2014
$40$70$110March 15th, 2014
$45$75$120Registration Closes (if available)

We cannot refund or change a registration to another type (human to zombie or vice cersa) or from team to team. We will, however, be happy transfer your registration to another runner or to a future Zombie Run event at no charge.

What You Get / What's Included:

Both zombies and humans get a race pack including:

  • An awesome tee
  • Badass branded drawstring bag
  • The privilege of surviving a zombie apocalypse
  • Admission to the afterparty to end all afterparties


Course Description:

The Zombie Apocalypse is infecting BALTIMORE/ WASHINGTON DC!

Yes, this is the EXTREME off-road obstacle version of “The Zombie Run”. Can you do it? The obstacles are not for the everyday person. It will take a team to help you get over some walls, through some tunnels, slosh through mud pits and through our surprises. With some effort and training, you can do this!!

Zombie Run Extreme THE ZOMBIE RUN: EXTREME is a mud-filled, 5K obstacle course through a zombie-infested wasteland. If you thought jogging 3.1 miles through the zombie apocalypse was an adventure, try dodging that army of brain-thirsty undead while scrambling through a series of rugged obstacles as well. Don’t worry though; after the race, the Humans and Zombies set aside their differences to share a cold beer and their best dance moves at the post-apocalypse afterparty. There will be 8-10 obstacles on course. How hard are the obstacles? You have try them for yourself to answer that question. It is not for your every day person. You will need to train and mentally prepare for some of these obstacles. It’s a total team effort on the course. Your ‘friends’ or fellow Humans will help you over walls, through mud pits, under tunnels, up rope swings and through our surprise obstacles. Yes, you can do this!

Zombie Run Black Ops The zombie apocalypse is upon us. One by one, cities, states, and nations are beginning to fall victim to zombie pandemic that is rapidly pushing mankind towards extinction. When the power grids finally fail, the final remnants of humankind find themselves banding together in a last-ditch effort to live through this horrible plague. Your current location is relatively secure, but the supplies are dwindling, and you can’t wait forever. Knowing that only 3.1 miles of harrowing obstacles and zombie-infested darkness stands between you and salvation, you and the rest of the survivors gather your remaining courage in order to face the terrors lurking in the night. A medley of inhuman shrieks, guttural moans, and bloodcurdling screams weave together in an ominous symphony as you your journey into the darkness to face the terrible nightmares beyond… Welcome to THE ZOMBIE RUN: BLACK OPS.

THE ZOMBIE RUN: BLACK OPS is an awesomely terrifying nighttime obstacle course through 3.1 miles of a zombie-infested darkness. When the sun sets on what may be humanity’s last day on earth, the few remaining survivors must leave the safety of their camp in an attempt to reach food and shelter at the main settlement. Cloaked in the darkness ahead of them lies 3.1 miles of unfamiliar terrain, hoards of ravenous zombies, 8 harrowing obstacles, and countless other hidden surprises. The only thing keeping these brave souls from abandoning all hope is the promise of safety and an afterparty at the end of their nightmarish journey.

Aid Stations:

Course officials and medical staff will be present during the entire event. If you get hurt, our highly trained EMT staff will work swiftly to patch you up. Most courses will have water station.


No clock and no winner. Isn't getting out with your brains enough?


Spectators are always welcome and will be accommodated throughout the course. They’re also invited to the after party


$10 per vehicle. Parking will be provided at each event.

Post Party:

Even the apocalypse has an After Party. All are invited and admission is free for all participants and spectators. This party includes:

  • Snacks, refreshments and beer (where available) will be sold
  • $10 Movie-quality zombie makeovers available
  • Zombie Run merchandise—caps, shirts, water bottles and more
  • Sponsor tents, partner tents for hospitality


Participate as a zombie
Would it kill you to be early? Show up 2 hours before your wave to receive your zombie makeover (blood will wash out of clothing, hair and skin) and Zombie training.
You will be assigned to one of many zones within the 5K course. You and your fellow walking corpses will be taken to your zone, where you will await the arrival of your human victims.
Your job is to chase the humans, steal their flags, and terrify them respectfully. In a successful Zombie Run, everyone dies, but no one gets hurt. Seriously, no touching.

Participate as a human
As a human contestant in THE ZOMBIE RUN: EXTREME, you will attempt to survive 3.1 miles and 8-10 insane obstacles, each with ravenous zombies and challenging variables.
Each zone will be populated with more zombies than the one before, and will feature unexpected events, treacherous obstacles, and a gratuitous amount of mud and blood.
You will be provided with a belt and three “life flags”, which zombies will attempt to steal. There is no reward for keeping your life and no penalty for losing it, other than the satisfaction of knowing that you will probably have to repopulate the planet in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. Regardless of whether or not you keep your flags and conquer each obstacle, everyone can still finish the race.

There is no age limit for participating. Any child mature enough to handle the nightmarish prospect of being pursued by a rapacious army of putrefying flesh-eating fiends without permanent psychic damage should be just fine.
Bring Comfortable clothes and running shoes. Snacks are available. Blood, guts and zombie makeup will be provided.
If you’d rather walk, skip or sashay to your doom, please be our guest. There’s no clock. No winner. And if you’re not worried about your brains, chances are you don’t have all that much to lose.
If you run faster when you’re chasing someone, then you’re probably a zombie. If you run faster when you’re being chased, then you’re probably human—for now, anyway.


We highly recommend racing with a group of trusted allies. This is the Zombie Apocalypse, remember? There are no team based awards, just the satisfaction of knowing which friends can be trusted during the end of the world and individual “dead” or “alive” medals.

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