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MuckFest® (formerly known as MuckFest MS) is a high-octane blast from start to finish, with mud so thick and obstacles so big and bold that your athleticism will be tested and leave you wanting more. This 5K run features a one-of-a-kind course packed with 18+ outrageous obstacles surrounded by mud-filled pits, trenches, and craters. Thousands of runners will laugh their way through the route as they slip, slide, jump, climb, and crawl to muddy glory. 

Runners are encouraged to form teams and conquer the mud with friends. After crossing the finish line, they’ll celebrate together in the MuckFestival area with a free beer and snacks, while rehashing their muddy shenanigans. Spectators are free, and so is their front-row seat for the Start, Finish and several signature obstacles. Even the little ones get their own muddy play area called Lil’ Muckers. 

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Aug 21, 2017 by Shawn Flesher

The course layout and location was great. Much better than the he one 6 years ago. It was a super fun event and well oarganized. I ran with 2 first timers and we were already planning on next year's run half way through the course.

Awesome Mud Run

Aug 10, 2016 by Ali

This is the most fun I have ever had at a race. Everyone was so excited to be there: the runners, volunteers, and other organizers. The MC is amazing, he was hilarious and very engaging, and the "walk on water" challenge was my favorite. Anyone can do the race; the obstacles provide some challenge but are not super difficult, and if you need to you can skip an obstacle. Many people with MS participate and are mailed blue bandanas prior to the event. The free food afterwards (burgers, hot dogs, veggie wraps, etc) and free beer were awesome. Overall the event is very well organized and is a blast! I can't wait to go again next year!

Great Time

Jun 25, 2016 by Danielle DiNapoli

First ever to try a mud run and the idea of people helping strangers through the obstacles was incredible and made this less intimidating for all virgins. The MC was extremely personable and got each and every heat excited. While the obstacles were not easy, they were not ridiculous, they were absolutely fun. My only complaint is about the people who drop their papers/numbers, bottles, clothes etc and don't pick them up. It's a charity event where volunteers are going to have to and it involves mud, people....have some respect! Otherwise the event was awesome and well organized, the volunteers were friendly and energetic, and it was for a great cause. How could there be complaints? Mud, "pools", climbing things, and places to run around...then drinks???? An adult playground=paradise!!! Excellent job to everyone there today working and running.

Jun 05, 2016 by Shelly

First mud run for me. Great event from start to finish! Can't wait to do another one! Woot!

Jan 10, 2016 by Andre

Out of all the ones I did...This one was the best.

Muckfest MS

Dec 27, 2015 by Colleen Toussaint

This was my teams 2nd year in participating at Muckfest and we had a fabulous time.. The announcer makes the beginning so much fun. The obstacles are fun with a little challenge, perfect for some that do not run or workout on a regular basis. Everyone can complete this course!
Our teams start time was in the middle and some of the obstacles no longer had watery mud. So to slither through a tunnel that is tried up was not so much fun. Make sure there is plenty of wet mud at every obstacle. If the last obstacle has lots of mud, not only will it be more fun, it will make for a great end of the race team photo.
We've participated in many walks and there is always good free food at the end so it is surprising after this ms event there is just a bag of chips. At least make sure people are aware to bring money or bring their own lunch.
It is a very organized event and we look forward to 2016; however with the event in November instead of October we are concerned that it might be a little cool to be jumping into the water.

Awesome Event

Jun 28, 2014 by Bill

Awesome event. Good obstacles. Nice base setup.

-Obstacles were good (as they have been for the last few years)
-Signature obstacles like the swings make this race special! Keep them!
-MUCH better MC this year. While your chapter president (used in previous years) is important and provides good info on MS, she is not very enthusiastic.
-Why shorten it to a 5k? 5 miles was awesome and you have the space for it @ Ellis Preserve. Also - maybe try a cloverleaf patter instead of a big loop so spectators can see the good obstacles.
-Please bring back better food at the end or get rid of it completely. A bag of chips is NOT acceptable. The beer was appreciated.
-Solid location - nice terrain and good hills. However - if you have a race to raise money for MS, PLEASE have some SHADE for spectators. You know better than anyone why that is important.
-Extremely well organized. Your event coordinator is meticulous and extremely thorough. This event did not suffer from any of the usual issues (check-in, bag storage, parking etc...)

For the detractors in other reviews - the obstacles (with video) were posted on the website. This event isn't marketed as a Tough Mudder or Spartan Run so don't expect barb wire, fire, or electric fences. This is a fantastic run for everyone, but if you want the "extreme" obstacles try another race.

Jun 02, 2014 by Denise

This was my second year participating and much worse than last year. I was disappointed by the reduction of miles, but thought it would still be fun. It was not. The obstacles were spread too far apart and I waited for 20 minutes for one obstacle when the decision was made by my teammates to skip b/c our muscles were tightening. At the end, we were looking forward to some solid, good food and were provided junk. Really? You went into get a beer and couldn't leave until you finished.. however, the "free food" aka junk snacks were outside of this area.. and oh how convenient, let's sell food. Our team didn't bring money to the event based on our experience from last year having food. Really disappointed and will not be participating next year. We'll find another MS run to raise our donations.


Jun 01, 2014 by mark herkert

Course was to short.1 drink and no food.I was in 3:30 heat,everything was gone.What happened to the sandwiches?Less obstacles,your running out of land for this event.

Put it back to 5 miles...where's the burgers?

Apr 28, 2014 by kyle john love

By shortening the run to a 5k with nearly the same amount of obstacles, you created long back up lines at each obstacle, ruining the continuity of the run. The run should be 5 miles like the first year. The most important thing about this event is raising money for the cause, but there are people out there, like my group who not only do it bc we have family members with MS, but also because we like the physical challenge. Also, this year with a late registration, we paid 75 a piece instead of 55. And for that we got less for more. The donation aspect is great and that's why we're here, but if in the span of one year you shorten the race, provide less obstacles, and give us a soggy banana instead of a burger and fries, that by that point we're dying for, you are going to lose participants. You had to expand to a second day this year based on growing numbers of entrees, that's because the challenge, and the perks of hot yummy food at the end were worth suffering for a good cause. let's go people muck yea.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.0 5.0 10 10 The course layout and location was great. Much better than the he one 6 years ago. It was a super fun event and well oarganized. I ran with 2 first timers and we were already plan