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Mud Factor is a Seriously Fun 5k Obstacle Run. It's a Mud Run, not a race. So if you're looking for a fun challenge in the mud, this run is for you!

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Aug 10, 2015 by Wai

First two obstacles were out of service? I cannot understand how it was broken at the beginning of the run. Theere was no safety to any obstacles, there was a big log next to a balance bridge that people can potentially fall on and hit their head if they lost their balance. No safety belt or cushion to the rope wall that is at least 10feet tall. The only safety measure they provided was a waver to promise not to sue them.
I think I can enjoy the run more if I know I won't kill myself if I slip and fall.

Seriously Disappointed

Jul 13, 2015 by JRT

I'll echo every thing that has already been said (and I wish I would have seen this website before signing up). Very little mud, and when there was mud, it was basically just a pool of mud that you had to crawl though...not too exciting. The obstacles were really basic, and generally involved climbing a ladder up and then climbing another ladder down. It would have been nice to have at least one real wall that required a little team work to get over. That really cool slide they show on the website was a small ramp with a tarp on it, and a guy on top spraying it with a hose and dish soap. One of the obstacles was an inflatable bouncy thing that you had to run across. I'm not sure how that is even an obstacle.

Besides all that, there was no consideration for traffic management, so even through we got into the area before the parking lot even opened, we ended up stuck in traffic about a quarter mile from the race for almost an hour. I had to jump out of the car on an overpass with my 6 and 9 YOs and run to the park in order to get there before the kids race started. Everything was really expensive (fortunately we used a groupon for our entry), and worst of all...NO BEER GARDEN!

On the positive side, the medals are really cool and double as a beer opener. (would have been great to have some beers to try them out on.)

My kids did this race and had a pretty fun time, but they even commented on the lack of mud and the level of difficulty of the obstacles. To summarize, this was at best a good kids event. Maybe my expectations were too high. I did Tough Mudder previoiusly, and while I was looking for something a little less intense, and something I could do with the whole family, this was very poorly executed and not the least bit challenging.

Blog Review

Jul 09, 2015 by Brenda Tollefson

We ran the Oklahoma City Mud Factor. If you want a better perspective on the run you can read what I had to say about it here.!Mud-Factor/c1kw6/559c2dfa0cf2f0c6e759f6a8

Rip Off

Jul 05, 2015 by Stephen Lee

Complete rip off. It's called mud factor but only hAd two mud obstacles. On top of that they charge you for everything. $10 to park, $5 for bag check, $10 if someone who's not running wants to go watch and not even a free T-shirt with registration. This was the worst event of this type I have ever been to and I will not be returning if they ever come back.

Jun 15, 2015 by Jocelyn

Huge rip off, don't waste your money.
$65 tickets for a mud run with only 1 mud obstacle. The over hyped water slide at the end was a tarp down a shallow hill with not enough water on it. $10 parking and $10 per spectator. Terrible event, not worth it at all.

Rip Off

Jun 03, 2015 by Julius

I paid for myself and my son to run this. We were looking forward to it. The run was scheduled for Sunday in Fairbanks, AK. I get an email the Tuesday saying that the run was canceled due to logistics. I emailed customer service to see about getting a refund since they canceled the event. I was told that they did not offer refunds and that I was more than welcome to run the event 500 miles away in Anchorage. This company offered an event and then they stole everyone's money that signed up. I understand that stuff happens, especially getting things to interior Alaska, but that is not a reason to flat out steal your customers money that wanted to do your event. NEVER sign up for an event by Mud Factor or offered by Eight51, Inc. They are thieves and do not care about there customers.

Apr 27, 2015 by Makenzie

WORST 5K EVER!!!!!! There was multiple problems with this race
1. Only 1 actual mud obstacle! I thought this was a MUD run?
2.$10 for parking and a spectator fee! I have done multiple 5ks and I have never heard of a spectator fee! such a rip off!
3. I signed up a couple weeks before the event and paid $65 but then on the day of the event the price was cheaper at $45! RIDICULOUS!!

I will NEVER be participating in another run that Mud Factor hosts!

Amateur mud run, lots of room for improvement

Mar 22, 2015 by Cameron

This was only my second mud run, but compared to the other run, this was run pretty poorly. I actually thought maybe this was the first MF run in Sacramento, but in reading reviews I see this is probably just how they do things

Biggest gripe: Amusement park like lines for obstacles. We waited 20+ minutes in a slow moving line for the barbed-wire crawl.

The obstacles were reasonably challenging, and seemed safe enough, however they were all a little too packed with runners. We waited too long at too many of them. The mud under the barbed wire crawl had A LOT of 1" gravel in it, more like crawling through wet concrete. I don't mind a little pain, but it slowed a lot of people up, and left me with cuts on both knees and one elbow.

There was a rinse station, but again it only fit about five people at a time and there were always at least 100 people in line for it.

There was only one food cart, zero beer, and zero fun sponsor tents or swag giveaways. Checking in was intuitive, but they didn't give or have any information on gear check or even the start line. We figured it out because there were so few tents to choose from :-/

I thought the DJ starting the waves was decent and he had high energy. There was plenty of mud and some short hills in the course that we liked and we got plenty dirty, so the DJ and the mud bump this event to two stars.

Disappointed, felt cheated. HORRIBLE RUN.

Jan 21, 2015 by Mandy

I don't even see how they can call this a mud run. It forces me to select 1 star, otherwise, I'd pick zero.

1. I signed up a little earlier in the year a long way out from the event. Hoping to save money, as this run like ever race or mud run shows the price will increase closer to the event. BUT, then they ran sale after sale after sale later on, closer to the event, So if I had just waited, I would have got a better deal. Made no sense.

2. The parking was a nightmare and $10. Such a joke. And this wasn't clear to find on the website.

3.There attitude towards runners, Ya know, THEIR CUSTOMERS was AWFUL. They clearly care about one thing, making money. Not about providing a fun running event for families and friends to attend. When my friends and I tried to let the company know about the issues on their Facebook page, they just made rude outrageous comments and blocked commenters. NOT THE WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS. Basically if any one has a real review or thought on their events and puts it on their Facebook, they block them. WEAK!

4. OBSTACLES ARE A JOKE! Nothing unique at all, but more importantly they weren't even near safe. made by some idiots. I don't know a lot about building things, but all other runs I've done had way better and more sturdy structures.



Jan 20, 2015 by Jimmy Standges

WORST RACE EVER!! unsafe. Total Rip off!!!!! This race is GARBAGE!! Sign up for a local run event, will be more worth you time. If I could rate it Negative stars, I WOULD! Nothing they promised was actually provided. This is essentially a Ponzi scheme. They just run sale after sale, trick people into sign up and then provide a garbage event. Thieves.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.0 5.0 77 77 Attended Mud Factor in Escondido with my family and we all had a really good time. Plenty of mud, obstacles were not intimidating and the overall it seemed very organized. The MC w