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Benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation, and LOPPA. Muddy Brute Challenge brings the community together for fun, fitness, family and friends.. and we will never need more than 5 miles to completely satisfy you with 30+ obstacles stuffed within a 4-5 mile course. It’s called OCR for a reason, so now you can forget the long runs and meager obstacles. At Muddy Brute Challenge, you will get what you came for and spend more time on our obstacles (average 8 obstacles per mile) and less time running.

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Average rating: 1.91 / 5 from 23 reviews.

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May 15, 2018 by Jeremy

Just like everyone else they cancelled the event and disappeared. Tried contacting them several times (within days of the cancellation up until 2018) with no response. Seems like a scam to me.

May 15, 2017 by Jason

Cancelled twice on me!!! Still waiting on my refund!!! Never signing up again unless free!!!!!!!!

May 06, 2017 by Elliot

They cancelled again!!! I did get refunded but I can't believe this has happened twice this year and once last year! If you do decide to sign up, don't get your hopes up and certainly don't reserve your hotel. You probably won't even end up going

Thats why you read Reviews!!

Apr 26, 2017 by LC

A friend invited me to join since I enjoy mud/obstacle races. Came on here.. read the reviews.. and was hesitant cause most of them was negative. But against my better judgement I signed up hoping we'd avoid the same fate! A week before the race, they cancelled "due to recent circumstances beyond their control"
I have yet to receive the cancellation email my friend received. And apparently we'll get our refund in 2 months!! Smh
I'll just stick with my Warrior Dash and Spartan Races thank you!

Great time

Mar 06, 2017 by Taylor

Yes the race was cancelled- but they gave multiple options for everyone to come out- 1. To come the following weekend when it was rescheduled. And 2. To run the course again any weekend for over a month after the race date. It wasn't as hard as the other races, but still had some good Riga/ropes and otherstuff set up. I had a great time going out multiple times and training. I'll be back for sure

Jan 31, 2017 by Jason

Race was canceled with no way to get a refund. They refuse to respond to emails. Fuck these assholes. Do not sign up for any events. Spartan and Savage are 10x better anyways. This shit is amateur hour

0 Stars

Jan 21, 2017 by James

Race was cancelled right before the actual race took place, I was sent an Email stating that it was postponed, and then later cancelled due to a conflict with the venue. The email stated that they would keep me posted on the reschedule. Here I am 2 months later and still no more emails. Don't sign up for any of the Muddy Brute races till they resolve this issue with all the people that got screwed out of race fees.


Nov 13, 2016 by Casie Pritchard

ZERO STARS - We signed up for this race months ago and were told about 30 days ago that the race was being postponed due a venue conflict. No big deal, right? WRONG!!!! The race is supposed to be next weekend (5 days away) and I have emailed them 6 times, via their website, via their reply email address telling us the race has been postponed and via their Facebook page and I have NOT received a single reply. Absolutely horrible customer service and I'm probably going to be forced to contact my credit card company to demand a refund for a service that was never provided, I get that things happen and venues can change but don't send out an email telling us that "you'll keep us posted" and ignore every contact you get when you DON'T follow through. I don't know what's going on but I'm assuming this race isn't going to happen.... Won't sign up ever again.

Oct 11, 2016 by John

The customer service for this company is the absolute worse. They planned poorly which is why a MUD run was cancelled due to rain! They offer this code: DEFER1112 to sign up for 05/06/17 MD event. Code expires if not used by 11/01/16. That doesn't help people only coming in to MD for the day and live out of state. Hopefully you can use it now since I cannot.

Do not waste your time or money

Oct 09, 2016 by Karen

I was seriously disappointed by the company, Muddy Brute. I had just completed my first spartan race when I signed up for this event, eager to challenge myself to the 30+ obstacles they promised. There were maybe 10-15 total obstacles, many of which were walls to go over or under, poorly spaced out. The race was on a farm, and the majority of it was just running through mud amongst a cornfield that was not cleared properly. I must've run at least 3 miles between 2 obstacles, which was miserable. The few obstacles that were there were not achievable, (the rope obstacles were not feasible with the mud) leaving even experienced OCR athletes frustrated. No one was watching the course anywhere, leaving people at risk for injury without immediate help, and the water stations consisted of 24-packs laid out randomly, surrounded by empty water bottles that people were just throwing all over the ground once they were done. This was poorly organized, and essentially a lie compared to what they advertised. Save yourself the frustration and attend a more established OCR (savage, spartan, etc.).

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.5 5.0 28 28 Just like everyone else they cancelled the event and disappeared. Tried contacting them several times (within days of the cancellation up until 2018) with no response. Seems like a