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Benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation, and LOPPA. Muddy Brute Challenge brings the community together for fun, fitness, family and friends.. and we will never need more than 5 miles to completely satisfy you with 30+ obstacles stuffed within a 4-5 mile course. It’s called OCR for a reason, so now you can forget the long runs and meager obstacles. At Muddy Brute Challenge, you will get what you came for and spend more time on our obstacles (average 8 obstacles per mile) and less time running.

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Average rating: 1.91 / 5 from 23 reviews.

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No effing way I'd do this one again

Aug 15, 2016 by Andrew

I've never been to a run where you pay to check your bag and there's no beer station. As for the run itself, worst one ever!!! The course runs along side an ATV trail and the course wasn't marked. I heard that someone pulled the sign's and flags down; but, nobody put them back and nobody was there to point the way. The zipline part had a line that looked like it came from Disney and there were obstacles which were literally coming apart. There were also no water station and I didn't see any first aid stations. When negative reviews were posted to Facebook, they were quickly deleted and the senders were blocked. Way to stay classy on that one. AVOID THIS RUN!!!


Aug 15, 2016 by Lex

I'm only giving this two stars because the people were frendly and when my friend got hurt they hurried to help her. This was my first mud run and I was very disappointed at the lack of organization. Someone had gone through the course and took down arrows and pointed them in the wrong direction so we're not even sure if we did half of the obsitcles. Also the one obsitcle we were all looking forward to had at least an hour if not more wait time !! i am new to these races but I just think there could have been a lot more done to make this race a whole lot better.

Aug 13, 2016 by Bridget Horn

the man in charge of the obstacle course accused me of moving signs that wasnt even there so runners would get lost. This was my 62nd race idk how many ive volunteered. We had lost runners and a runner told me so I ran toward where he pointed and the man on the mule said LEAVE THIS ARE NOW!!! so i said well find the lost runners and went back to my obstacle ( tetter Tottters) He said go find teresa idk him Im doing my job. Elite got lost BAD!! Im mudrunfun I would never mess with an obstacle course race course arrows or flags, Too many runners were tripping over my chalk line so i finally fut it after the 4th person fell bc it was an inch off the ground they said please fix that!! He has me on video to save his own self. The man snatched my backpack bc I was telling the volunteer director I was leaving bc he was too rude to the runners and I. This man snatch the volunteer shirts out of my back pack. THEN recorded me and he pushed my sister out of the gate escorting us to the car. Im getting in touch with the property owners to see if the video recording was on. He's trying to blame me for the whole course being set up poorly NO!!! Im an ambassador for Battle Frog!! That man needs a one way ticket back home after break down! I will never return as a volunteer or ever recommend anyone to spend money one this until its fixed.

Very Disappointed

Aug 13, 2016 by Cynthia Mondonedo

It was my first...i had purchased this months ago and was so excited. The staff seemed like they didn't know what they were doing right from the beginning regarding the registration. Then the course was confusing, there was no direction. People were getting frustrated as well as I. Then there was a guy directing us not to do the zip line because the lines were ready to break. What the pay $65.00 to do this and this is what you get.. Very sad!

Very Disappointing

Aug 13, 2016 by Robert Lyles

The coarse was not marked clearly and volunteers were not in position. I tan the 8:15 wave--hopefully things got better for later waves. I encountered dozens of runners with the same problem...WHICH WAY DO WE GO? I have been racing Mud OCR's for the past 3 years and this was by far the worst event. The promoter should be embarrassed! Little to no preparation and the volunteers didn't know the answers to even the simplest question. VERY DISAPPOINTING

The name fits the race!

Apr 13, 2016 by Chip T.

I really enjoyed the Muddy Brute Challenge at the Georgia Mud Park in March 2016. It was by far the MUDDIEST OCR that I have participated in, and that was a good thing! That's why we sign up for these things, isn't it?

Additionally, I thought the obstacles were quite challenging as well. A lot of wall and rope climbing, so make sure you get your pull ups in while training for this race! Also, there was a good bit of hill running in this Muddy Brute, which made it a challenge as well.

One thing I enjoyed about this race is the fact that they had upbeat, exercise music pumping through the speakers, and you could here the music through much of the course. It definitely added a "fun factor" to the race.

A bit of a "low key" vibe made this another good OCR for new-comers, although you'd better bring your A-game, because Muddy Brute is no cake walk!

A Bit Disappointing

Apr 12, 2016 by PR

This was my first race. I plan to do another mud/obstacle race in the future, but I wouldn't do this one again. The obstacles were repetitive- we climbed a lot of walls and walked through a lot of muddy water. But I think the worst part was that it was poorly organized. There wasn't any water at the two stations in the five mile race AND there wasn't any water at the finish line for my wave.

Nov 22, 2015 by Keith Richardson

This was my first obstacle course race and I enjoyed it! The course didn't have any "mud obstacles" which was fine by me. Quite a few of the 24+ obstacles were very similar (there were 5 or 6 eight-foot walls to climb over, and 3 or 4 teeter totters). Still it was a good challenge. The main negative was the poor registration process.

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