Race Recap: Spartan Race Indiana Sprint 2016

By |July 14th, 2016|

After years of running around Haspin Acres in Laurel, IN for the Indianapolis Sprint, Spartan pulled a fast one on us all and changed the venue to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, IN. The initial reactions were negative, there was no way they found a venue that would be more challenging than Haspin which was often regarded as one of the toughest sprints and also, what was the deal with moving the event to a site that is actually far closer to Cincinnati, OH than it is to Indianapolis as the name implies?

Race Recap: Indiana Spartan Sprint

By |May 12th, 2014|

Here I am, a little over a week after the Indiana Spartan Sprint and finally sitting down to put my experience into words.  I have mulled over even writing down the day’s events but ultimately you can’t document a journey toward a goal without also including the low points.

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