Spartan Race Miami 2015 – Festival Lake – Race Review

By |December 11th, 2015|

The Spartan Race in Miami was the toughest race I've run since the race in Asheville...which was a Spartan Super in the mountains. That's particularly strange to say, considering how flat the Miami terrain is. But is wasn't the course itself that made it hard, it was the water! As much as 13 inches of rain in the days before the race!!

Race Recap: 5K SuperSplash – Fun and Foam from Start to Finish

By |August 26th, 2015|

As the emails started to roll in, our interest was piqued! The advertising for SuperSplash 2015 kept us informed yet teased us as to what to expect at the upcoming event. We had booked our hotel rooms well in advance at Mont Habitant and were excited to head up early and enjoy the town, the food and the beautiful mountainside with lakefront properties.

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