A little over a year ago I was the girl who was morbidly obese, almost hitting 300 pounds on the scale, wearing a size 22 in pants and dresses, and a 2XL in shirts.

I was the girl who pretended to be happy; the girl who would smile to keep from crying, because deep in my heart I was disgusted with what I saw in the mirror. I avoided taking pictures because I didn’t like the images the camera captured and I avoided shopping with my mom and sister, because I knew when we entered the store they would be able to shop for average sizes and I would have to go to the plus sizes. I hated the life that I had made for myself, but continued to let food be my ruler. I felt like no diet or gym had ever worked, so why keep trying when you keep failing? I gave up on getting healthy.

It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to The Compound that I finally took control of my life and not let food rule me anymore. The coaches at The Compound (Tanya Bickham and Matthew Waller) gave me something that no gym or diet had ever given me – “SUCCESS.” The trainers helped me see my true inner strength and took me from being the morbidly obese girl to the girl who completed Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, a half-marathon, a few 10k’s, and several 5k’s.

lolitaI never thought in a million years that I’d find success in weight loss, that I would be happy with the girl I see in the mirror, or that I would be able to go shopping and not have to go to the plus sized clothes. I never thought that I would be able to run for long distances without having to stop or have my students hug me and their arms fit all the way around me. Things that most people take for granted are things that I got back when I started my new workout routine. The Compound is not your average gym. It is a home away from home that is filled with love, compassion, dedication, teamwork, friendship and coaches that are worth more than gold. I believe my gym truly does “Build Better Humans.” I know this because I am one of them.

– Lolita Moore

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