BullFrog Mile Kid’s Race – Most Challenging, From a 9 Year-Old’s Perspective

The BattleFrog race was in Pittsburgh, near an R.V. Park and some mines. I came with my family, from South Carolina, to run the BullFrog Mile with my brother. I had only run a Spartan kid’s race before, so that gives me some experience in races to make a comparison. Yes, I am writing this myself. To get to the start line, we had to climb over a wall. Once everybody got over the wall, to the start line, Mr. Mike and Mr. Shawn asked us what stretches we knew. They called on a few people, and we did the stretches that the kids suggested or knew. If you looked around, there were a ton of kids out to run the race. There were parents running with us, but there were a lot more in the four year old race, called the TadPole Dash. 1901177_864606326890864_2292711505111787234_nThe course was fun and challenging. I really liked the obstacles. My favorite was the Normandy Jacks. This obstacle was right next to the grown-ups finish line, where they had the same obstacle, and we all got to finish together. It was super muddy, and I LOVE mud. We also got to run through muddy water in the creek, over lots of rocks, and had to climb up and down ladders. Other obstacles we had were cargo nets, a rock climbing wall with a slide, walls, hay bales, a log pull, and a big pile of sand you got to climb over. We also go to run past grown-ups on their course, which made me feel like I was basically doing their course, too. 10633271_865553906796106_7410929712008680457_oI ran a Spartan, you jumped over a few things, and you were done. The BattleFrog was way more challenging and exciting. It was more like the grown up course. It copied off of it, except there were smaller obstacles for the kids. The medals we got at the end were really cool. They had a frog with the American flag, and there were a lot of people cheering us when we got to the finish. The volunteers were really nice, and they helped a lot with anybody who needed it. I enjoyed volunteering for TadPole Dash, too. I was able to help little kids on the same course I ran, but it was shorter, and had less obstacles. I was able to show people where to go so they would not get lost. There were no scrapes on the kids, and they really liked the course – so did I! I think both races were a big success. BattleFrog did a really good job, actually a great job. Now I get why my mom has to work so hard to be an obstacle racer, and also why she likes to help out on the kid’s races. I loved the BattleFrog Kid’s race. 10669264_865552266796270_3296148677703588404_oBy: Maia Cammisa, daughter of Amie “Live Wire” Booth

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