Over the past couple of weeks we held our first “Best of OCR” end of the year poll. Not only did the OCR community get excited about the poll they came out in force with over 60,000 votes cast over the 14 different categories, it's official we have the best community of passionate people behind our sport. We the team at Mud Run Guide watched as you all petitioned for your favorite athlete, race, obstacle or group. As well were reminded of all those we left off the list. One thing we learned is we are a passionate and energized community full of amazing athletes and people.


We want to thank you for all your votes and all your opinions. It only makes the community and us all stronger. In 2014 we proved that we could be an OCR United community (#OCRUnited) and this poll helped cement that opinion. Whether your favorite athletes, moments, race, or obstacle did or did not win we know who you all will be looking at as we head into 2015.


To find out who all the winners of the 2014 Best of OCR Poll were be sure to check out the Best of OCR Results Page. Thank you again to all who voted and to all who help make this the best sporting community in the world. We at Mud Run Guide wish you a Happy New Year as we look towards who will make the list in 2015!


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