UPDATE: New Details from Spartan HQ have emerged, and you can now “Guess and Win” entry on the Spartan Cruise right here

Much speculation has been placed on the new home of the Spartan Race World Championships in 2015 after Spartan Race announced it would be moving. As we wrote in the recent article Spartan Race World Championships Headed to… Part 1 this would not be the first time that Spartan Race has changed the location of it's World Championship event. We know from Spartan Race's posts on Facebook that the race is most likely headed to California which had many people speculating as to the exact location.

For most it came down to two locations the predictable Temecula and the pre-registration site of Tahoe. While most who have done the Temecula Races would agree it is a great location but it is not a World Championship location which leaves Lake Tahoe. With a little digging and a quick internet search it looks like the obstacle racing world will be headed to North Lake Tahoe the first weekend in October 2015. Below is a screen shot from the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce Marketing Department Report for October 2014 (Full Report)   Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.30.58 AM   It seems that initial talks must have gone well between the Chamber of Commerce of North Lake Tahoe and Spartan Race as the November Report (Full Report) seems to indicate that we as a community are headed to North Lake Tahoe/Squaw Valley in October 2015 instead of the iconic Killington, Vermont. We will have to wait for the official announcement from Spartan Race hopefully soon but all reports look towards North Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley. So we as a community will move from one ski resort to another and this time at elevation!   Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.33.56 AM   With this news of the World Championship making this move one Spartan Race favorite is noticeably only listed in pre-registration, the Vermont Beast and Vermont Sprint. With this news of a new Championship location it leaves us to wonder what the final status of Vermont will be. Will it still be the home of the Ultra Beast or will that move as well? It seems as soon as we are able to answer one question more and more arise. We will be following this story as it continues to develop.

Editors Note: What do you think about the move? Do you think the Ultra Beast should move with the World Championships? Will you miss the event possibly not being in Vermont? How will you train differently for Tahoe vs. Killington?

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