Getting loads of swag from races seems like a good thing at first. As your obstacle course racing (OCR) addiction grows though, it can present problems of having too much stuff. If you missed the first or secont articles on race shirts & race bibs, make sure you check it out here & here. Finally, here is the last key to your problem, what to do with your race medals.


11752503_10207356815587194_1634923202749839487_nTurn Them Into Key Chains:

By simply removing the ribbon attached to each medal, they easily convert into a key chain. “What if my medal is too big like Terrain Mud Run’s finishers medals?” I say the bigger the better, having a 9 inch orange monkey face hanging from your keys screams alpha male (or alpha female). It projects confidence and says “Go ahead and test me, I torture myself for fun on the weekends.”


Display Them:

Not a ground breaking idea here, but hang them on your wall. There are many options here you can display them chronologically, by distance or separate the world championship medals into a separate display. Maybe you are a competitive athlete and want to hang all your OCRWC qualifying medals in one area and all the events you did not qualify at in a different area. Still not specific enough? You can separate them by age group podium finishes or overall podium finishes. If your name is Hobie Call, you can separate them by events you finished first (so just under 50 medals) and other events (probably like 5 medals).


Become the first OCRapper:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.24.07 AMHaving huge chains and medals hanging from your neck is gangsta. You already have the first step in being a rapper, obnoxious amounts of gaudy jewelry. Plus, you can use your race experiences as fuel for your sick rhymes. The only thing left is to actually rap, but based off some of the quality of songs that come out today, that does not seem too hard either.


Wind Chimes:

Is your spouse complaining because your medal wall has consumed an area of your house and is not creeping into another room? Just take some of your medals and convert them into a wind chime. Place it outside on your back porch so as you do Wreck Bag lunges and spear throws in your backyard, your neighbors will understand why you race. If you do not have a porch, just hang them from your fence like Dirt in Your Skirt/Mud Run Guide’s Margaret Schlachter.


babypicBaby Mobile:

If there is one thing babies love it is race medals. If you feel like the wallpaper of race bibs from the last article was not enough, then a baby mobile made of race medals is a great option. Their shiny colors will keep baby amused getting them ready for their first Mini-Mudder Fruit Shoot.


That should be it for solutions to your race swag. I hope you enjoyed this series and now have the solution to some of your house cleaning problems. Feel free to have your spouse thank me for assisting in cleaning up your house and I will see you on the starting line.

Editor's Note: What do you do with your race medals? Comment and share with us what you do with you race medals. 

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