Last week I enjoyed the opportunity to experience Savage Race for the very first time.  I have heard many great things about Savage Race but wanted to experience it for myself.  Although there was one small obstacle or hurdle rather. Savage Race hasn't made it to the west coast yet, so I packed my bags headed to the lone star state of Grand Ole Texas to see why Savage Race boasts they have, ” The World's Best Obstacles. ”

Savage Culture

First off I have to mention upon arriving at the venue of Beaumont Ranch,  ( about a 40-minute drive from Dallas )  I was impressed with how organized and friendly the staff and volunteers were. From the packet pickup to bag check everyone I interacted with was calm, efficient, and more than willing to help with answering questions.

There are no gimmicks in Savage Race. All obstacles are mandatory completion for the Savage Pro heat. There are no penalties or burpees.  The competitive heat is called “Savage Pro.” Savage Race does not use the word “Elite.”  In the Savage Pro heat all racers are given a blue rubber bracelet. If one is unable to complete an obstacle then the bracelet is surrendered and the athlete is  ineligible for cash prizes or age group awards. There are also a plethora of race officials or race marshals if you will to enforce this rule. No skipping Obstacles.

Savage Race color is blue, Savage Blue to be proper. The obstacles are blue and the medals are blue. In fact almost everywhere you look when you are at a Savage Race is blue. Blue, coincidentally is my favorite color.

There is a spectator charge $15 online prior to the event and $25 the day of. I normally frown upon spectator charges; however, in this case I will make an exception. This event was also very spectator friendly. The course design was made so that spectators had access to all of the obstacles on the course with only a short walk.


The Course

Approximately 6000 racers including 2000 spectators showed up to take on Savage Race.  The course was approximately 5.3 miles long and included 25 obstacles with rolling hills and beautiful scenery of mesmerizing foliage and very large grasshoppers.  No joke, the grasshoppers were enormous and loud. I guess things really are bigger in Texas.

My favorite and most notable obstacles in no particular order are Colossus, Sawtooth, Kiss my Walls , Pipe Dreams and the most recent addition to Savage Race,  Wheel World. Wheel World is a blast. Think of hanging from a steering wheel while it's spinning and trying to get across from one to another.  All the obstacles are intermediate level. These are no beginner or entry level obstacles.  Savage Race obstacles are meant to challenge you physically and mentally.  I would say grip strength is a must.  The most difficult obstacle for me was Kiss my Walls an inverted traverse wall that rivals that of Spartans Z wall.

After my race I, walked the course and I have to say I was impressed with how well constructed and well managed all of the obstacles were. I'm not an engineer, but seriously one has to appreciate the beauty of how much thought and detail went into not only creating the obstacles, but also the construction, time, and effort put into the obstacles.  Even dirty covered with mud I could stand amid Colossus and still see how pristine and terrifying she is. The mud and water pits were also well built.  Some races have trenches under their obstacles while Savage Race have beautifully well-constructed pits that are symmetrical to the obstacle above it and are safe. Hands down Savage Race Obstacles are grade ” A ” obstacles.


The Festival Area

Besides talking to friends and grubbing on Texan sausages post-race,  I was entertained by watching and listening to Garfield Griffiths. Master of Ceremonies, Obstacle creator, and foam controller at the Savage J.R. kids race, his round about antics are enjoyable. Wearing a Savage Blue Kilt and watching him at times bust a move are definitely worth the Spectator fee, guaranteed.  I also have to mention that I actually enjoyed the music the DJ was playing.  Although, I didn't get his name I was moving to the sounds of different types of music.  I'm usually not fond of music played at races because I find the music too loud and annoying. But the mix the DJ was playing at Savage Race was pretty awesome.


Closing Thoughts

This may have been my first Savage Race, but definitely will not be my last. I look forward to participating in another Savage Race in the future.  Hopefully, and I'll cross my fingers that they will come out to the West Coast. Although I didn't mind traveling half way across the country to get to Savage Race, I know a lot of people in the West who would love to do a Savage Race.  But don't take my word for it, get out and be Savage!



I give Savage Race a five Star rating out of five. First, for Savage Race having Awesome Challenging Obstacles that are well constructed and well managed. Second for the entire Savage Race Crew and volunteers for demonstrating a level of professionalism that sets the par for other races in the OCR Industry, and third for overall customer satisfaction.  Out of all the people I spoke to the day of the event not one person had anything negative to say about Savage Race.

Have you done a Savage Race? Leave your own Savage Race review and feedback…


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