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Last year Max King and Kimber Mattox took home the top prizes at Warrior Dash World Championships. Both came into obstacle course racing from the track and field as well as trail running worlds. In the past year, both gained more OCR experience. This year they are back and looking for a repeat win. Both King and Mattox took the time to talk about how they prepared for this year's Warrior Dash World Championship.




Questions with Max King

11109718_691734657638569_5049346734884894169_n How did you prepare for this year’s WDWC? 

Well, hopefully, better than last year but that remains to be seen. Last year the weekend before the race I had a 42-mile race in Japan so I feel better than last year. In terms of fitness, it may actually be a little lower than last year due to a season with more travel and racing this year.  Similar to last year I have gotten in a few specific speed sessions over the last few weeks. 

Who do you see as your biggest competition? 

I honestly don't know. I haven't heard or read anything about who will be here other than Hobie and I. So, who knows? 


MRG's Brett Stewart will be interviewing King and other Championship racers today at noon ET. Check back for updates.


Questions with Kimber Mattox

11061011_10101702967526227_1335529874411832254_oWhat was it like before last year's WDWC, and has anything changed since you won? 

Before last year's WDWC, I knew absolutely nothing about OCR. I had just heard about this one particular race from Julia Webb. And after walking through the course the night before, I was terrified and just wanted to finish the race. Since last year, it's been really fun to become more familiar with the sport of and people in OCR. What a great community filled with some amazing people!

What's different about this year, especially with #2 and #3 finishers not competing?

Even though Renee and Julia won't be racing this year, I think this year's race will be filled with lots more elite runners, so I think the race will likely be up for grabs for whoever has a good day. The ladies I know of who are coming are Bridget Franek and Alli Morgan. I'm sure there will be many others from OCR athletes to runners who will be right up there competing for those top spots.

Was your training or prep any different this year?

My training has been pretty similar. I had a mountain running world championship race about 2.5 weeks ago, so my training was focused on preparing for that the last couple months.

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