Have You Ever Wanted to be a Stunt Man?

Ultimate Obstacle Race Training author, Brett Stewart got a chance to try out the Thrill Seeker Stunt Run 5k obstacles the day before their Phoenix event. CEO Del Andrus took him through the course as they were finishing set-up, and allowed Brett some hands-on time with many of the exciting obstacles.

This exhilirating event is not a “race” of any kind, it's a thrill-seeking (hence the name), badass, fun time where you can try out some hollywood-inspired stunts and challenge yourself to complete some incredibly unique contraptions from a punchwall right out of the TV show Wipeout! to a crazy-fast and huge inflatable waterslide where you can actually catch some air at the bottom. You can't miss the zip line where you get tossed 20′ in the air – because it IS THE FINISH LINE!

From their site:

Ever watch an obstacle race TV show or an outrageous clip on YouTube and think you’d like to try that? Tired of all those “DO NOT ATTEMPT” warnings? Here’s your chance to do something about it! The ThrillSeeker 5K Stunt Run is a one-of-a-kind course designed by actual Hollywood stunt producers. It’s more than an obstacle course race or “fun run”; it’s the one and only stunt run! We take an obstacle run and spin it around, give it a shot of adrenaline, and throw it on a stunt pad! From a creator of Nitro Circus and Thrillbillies comes the run with over a dozen exciting “as seen on TV” stunts that give everyone the opportunity to experience heart-pounding challenges with their friends, while in a safe environment.

Participants have the unique opportunity to enjoy thrilling stunts featuring the world’s largest inflatable water slide, the famous Zip N Slide, giant-trike rally, pole vault and 8 more exhilarating stunts. Throw in local food trucks, performers and a family-friendly kid’s 1K event and there’s something for everyone!

Want to try Thrill Seeker Stunt Run 5k for yourself? Find a location & use code MRG10 to save $10 on your fun-filled day!

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